I am an explorer from Amherst, NH. For my Senior Project, I am trying to publish a book about how the 11th tragedy has affected the lives of Firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics, and Police/Security Personnel. Response has been great, and I ask all of you reading this for an interview. Interviews can be conducted over the internet or via phone. To set up an interview, please contact me.
(603)-321-4148 cell #
(603)-672-5345 home #
Following is a list of sample questions that I usually ask.

Where were you when you first heard of the 11th attacks?
What did you initially think of the loss of life? The emergency services casualties?
What would you have done if you were in NYC?
Knowing what happened, would you still have done this?
What do you think of the huge number of deaths; [343 fire, 97 police] just in your service?
How can you comprehend such a number? What do you relate to this?
Have you had any calls relating to terrorism/anthrax?
Have you had any additional training in the area of terrorism/anthrax?
Do you think about the 11th when you respond to calls? Is it ever in the back of your mind?
Do you see yourself as a target? As a soldier? As a hero?
How does your family see you now?
Have you (or your dept.) changed your tactics or on-scene operations?
What is the public perception/appreciation of your job? How has this changed?

*Attached to this is a printable one-page word document in which this information and questions are repeated. I would be much obliged to anyone who prints this out and posts it in a place emergency personnel frequent (i.e. bay/station, hospital, etc.)