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    Default Fire station design & renovation ideas

    Dear Firehouse Mag.

    I would like to offer a suggestion about a story.

    Fire Station design and renovation ideas.
    1. Apparatus Space
    2. Living Quarters for staff
    3. female & male spaces
    4. kitchen space
    5. new technologies, computer networks, phones, dispatch room etc.
    6. decon areas
    7. restroom/shower facilities
    8. cost
    9. municipal funded, "fire tax", bonds etc.
    10. college student live in programs
    11. members only social clubs, banquet hall, conference rooms


    ken janis
    ideas expressed & posted in the forum(s) are my own.

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    Wink House Renovation

    One of my relative have had a mishap and their house was all ruined due to fire. They gave the contract of remodeling to Birmingham remodeling Company and guess what I can't tell you that how efficiently that house was remodel. That company is marvelously brilliant and have efficient workers.

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    Let's talk fire trucks!
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    Ken, not to take away from the fine folks at Firehouse magazine, but are you familiar with the Station Style section that Fire Chief magazine has? In fact, they have the annual station style award for best volunteer, career, and combination stations and rehabs. They also have on-going articles by architects the specialize in fire stations.

    Click here for Station Style Online.
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    Volunteer Chief Officer

    Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!

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