charlotte nc a few of the workers around here in the last week.
239 keswick ave. 1 story wood house. f/i on arrival all searches neg. 4 lines out and fire did heavy damage to 900 sf house. engines11,4,7, ladder4 batt 1 w/f rescue 10 engine 8 batt3.
working fire 2701 phillips ave 1 1/2 story wod house rear had heavy fire. all secrches neg. about 75,000 dollars damage. engines10,2,ladder 2 batt 1 w/f rescue 10 engine 10,5 batt 3 4 am fire shift change at 8 had engines16,8 for crew change.
working fire 2140 sunset blvd. 1 story brick in 2 rooms 2 lines out good attack. held to point of orgin. engines28,18,22,ladder 18,batt3 w/f rescue 3 engine 31
2nd alarm 8400 fairview road. 5700 square foot house. almost f/i even on very busy street. house has heavy damage. smoke seen 15 miles away. engines19,14,16,ladder 16,batt 4 2nd alarm engines3,8,29 ladder1 batt 5 rescue 3 2pm fire.
wingate nc 210 bobwhite court. 1 story wood house. fire in 3 rooms good use of tankers and fast attack saved home. union stations 8,9, on scene.
1630 w garrison blvd.gastonia nc 4 story mill fire in roof area and vent system. damage waqs held to minor gastonia engines,940,971,919,930,920 rescue 911 car 90.(most gastonia city units are quints.)