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    Default Whats happening in Hamilton

    Several people have told me there is some sort of dispute in Hamilton Ontario between the union and several volunteers who are also union members. I was told it made the National News up here, but I missed it, haven't seen anything since. Anybody catch it?

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    I do beleive I saw something in the mail-out from the Canadian IAFF. Check with your secretary.

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    I believe the problem you are refering to is about Union guys going back in and working for the same municipality as part time employees. So essentially they can pay a guy less money than the time and a half they should be paying an off duty man to work O/T and keep from hiring more firefighters to correct the initial problem of being understaffed. From my understanding they had asked the guys to quit part timing first and a few did. Those who did not have had charges filed against them by the International. So right now I believe its working its way thru the system.(This is my interpretation of the events and it may not be 100% correct but is from a reputable source)

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