I am certainly not attempting to endorse Ted Davidson's HERO'S CROSS jewelry in posting here but I must say I have received one and I think its a worthwhile project. However, I have written to Ted suggesting that his program should be endorsed by some official body. It is difficult to assess items like Ted's without wondering if there is profiteering out of such tragic circumstances but I really do think this beautiful item is worth far more than he is charging. Also, if the second cross really is going to victim's relatives then I personally see this as a really nice gesture.

There are all sorts of posters, T-shirts, mugs and other decorative items out there that could be/are cashing in on the events of 9-11 - some are officially endorsed as beneficial to the funds - others are not. If this project is genuine then it surely is worthwhile? Not everyone will want one but we have all seen that 'cross' that 'remained' in the ruins of broken girders at WTC Ground Zero - it was blessed by the church - I see it as a 'sign' and it warms me in a way. Ted's item will allow me to keep it close to my heart - always remembered.

The reproduction HERO's CROSS can be seen at http://www.firetactics.com/hero1.jpg as I know some of you have been asking for a view of it. I would welcome your views and feelings on this project?

Stay safe.........