At approximately 2:00 am in the morning of January 28th the Highlands NJ Fire Department received a call for a motor vehicle accident with an overturn and entrapment. The department responded with one pumper and their crash truck. An ambulance from the Highlands First Aid Squad also responded.
Upon arrival they found the car had not overturned but the drive needed extrication. The driver was extricaed but unfortunatly was prononced dead on the scene by Monmouth County Paramedics. Cause of death was a broken neck.
The car was starting out from a light that had just changed when hit was himt from beind by an Acadmey bus. The impact pushed the trunk into the back seat of the car, spun the car around and pushed it up on the median facing traffic. The accident is still being investigated by the police and no charges have been filed against the bus drive. The drive has worked for the company for 10 years and was due to receive his 9th Safe Driving award this week.