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    I'm new to the field of fire/EMS. Since I was about 5yrs old I have wanted to be a firefighter. I decided that joining the campus rescue squad at my college was a good place to start. I'm quickly learning the procedures, but I have yet to go on my first call. It's a bit disappointing, but I've done 3 shifts so far and have yet to get toned out. I was wondering, how are you supposed to act on your first call? Since I'm the new guy, I'm anxious to go on some runs and prove myself to the others on the team. What were some of your first calls like?

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    My first call was accually boring,an automatic alarm,we were only out for about ten minutes.I was nervous but couln't wait to go.My second one was a working house fire to a duplex.We were out for about three hours.Just keep your cool and be mindful.Use your training and listen to your officers and you'll do just fine.You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick up on things.And you'll have fun,knowing that you are now apart of an elite group of people.

    Good luck to you and welcome to the fire service!
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    Default Relax and it will all be fine!

    First and foremost do not panic the next always think with your head for your own safety and put the patients best interests at heart and you can not go wrong. Rule number one always remember just do no harm.

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