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    Default How do you train 2nd & 3rd Shift Volunteers?

    Question for the group,

    We have recently hit the unheard of number of 59 volunteer firefighters and counting for our Fire Department. In 1998, we had 23.

    We are anxious to get them up to speed. Our worst fear is that they will lose interest in the fire service because they can't run calls until months of training. The new members of the commuity that are volunteering are a very good bunch of guys and shortly they will begin to help out tremendously. Primarily they are available after 5:00PM do to their work schedules and they are able to make our Monday evening drills. So far so good.

    During our recruitment drive to attract new members, we are having little or no luck in getting the 2nd and 3rd shift workers to join. We realize that they can not make Monday evening drills do to work, so we have started a Saturday afternoon drill that is open to all.

    During the daytime hours our staffing is about 10 members out of 59. I feel that the 2nd & 3rd Shift workers can fill this much needed void, but I am looking for suggestions to spark interest with these groups of people. Any ideas?

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas on how your company addressed this same or similar problem.

    Ken Janis
    vice president/firefighter
    Community Fire Company of Forks Township - Forks Township Fire Department

    Forks Fire
    ideas expressed & posted in the forum(s) are my own.

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    Default Training

    How about adding a drill to Monday morning? We have done this for many years. In the past, we had 3 or 4 people show up and that was it, but now we have more members attending, due to work schedules. We have our morning drill from 0900-1100 and our evening drill from 1900-2100. Also, to enhance training with mutual aid departments, on the first Monday of the month, we have a combined drill with a neighboring department in the morning, and at night we have our Association Meetings. Hope this helps you, and Good Luck

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