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    Can anyone answer this for me?
    I belong to a private, non-profit ambulance service.In my community things are a little unique, Our ambulance service provides rescue services to the town not the fire depts. With this being the circumstance are we able to apply to the fire act grants or not.If not can anyone give suggestions.

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    In the last round you would not have been eligible. I can't get a straight answer this time around yet...working on it. I argued with FEMA last time because one of my departments is a dedicated Technical Rescue Squad - we provide the rescue services - not the FD. In Floyd we were in the middle of it and the dedicated squads made hundreds of rescues all together. It was explained that this didn't matter -that only fire departments with fire supression responsibilites qualified. It was ridiculous - Floyd and the lack of water rescue capabilities of some places was part of the reason for these grants coming about. Hopefully my complaining -and that of many others helped and we will qualify this time around.
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