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    Default Chaplain Job Description ?

    Or department is wanting to start up a chaplains program to help with the spiritual need of our firefighters. We are a volunteer department with around 35 volunteers and 3 paid positions. I'm wondering how different departments structure their Chaplain position.

    We've discussed having full-fledged ministers act as Chaplains or letting some of the members ( not ordained ) act in this role as well...or a combination.

    Any input would be appreciated.
    Shawn Shreves
    Canyon Fire Department
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    Check out the homepage in my profile. This will give you some basic info. Most of what is there came from (I think) the Federation of Fire Chaplains materials.

    Depending on what you want your Chaplains to be responsible for will really determine if you need a fully ordained minister or just a lay minister.


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    I have a zip file (PCLEC.ZIP) which is a Microsoft Word doc from the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy program. I am in the midst of updating this manual for use by fire chaplains. Send me an e-mail and I will send a copy by return e-mail to you. I also can zip the files that I printed out and keep in my manual whcih may be of help to you.

    Mail me at revrik@yahoo.com
    Rick Horn


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    Lightbulb CANYON FD Chaplain program

    Hi Sshreves,

    I'm just down the road (50 miles south in Plainview), serving as chaplain with the Hale County Sheriff's Dept. I'm a former chaplain with the Baltimore City FD in Maryland, and also an ordained minister. I have CISD certification.

    I'd be happy to get in touch with you and meet in Canyon for any assistance in helping your FD start a chaplain program.

    Also, if you ever have a serious incident requiring a chaplain on-scene (until you have a working chaplain), don't hesitate to call me via mutual aid to the Hale County Sheriff's Dept... my pager is 806-741-9327 (alphanumeric, just leave your phone number followed by a 0911 at the end of your number if the call is of an emergency/mutual aid response nature).

    I respond to brother agencies in counties surrounding Hale County for any major incidents (fires, accidents, any loss of life incidents, etc...).

    God bless you and your FD members.

    Call me if you need any assistance!

    Chaplain Dean

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