Woodbury Fire Dept Engine 511 and City chief 501 arrived to find heavy smoke from the garage area and heard popping and crackling on the interior. After forcing entry, the Engine crew located a small fire in the garage are with some minor extension to a vehicle in the garage and a loft above the area of fire. There was no fire when task force 2. As Task Force 2 for the City Of Woodbury and they had called in Westville Sta 7-3, Deptford Twp Batt.2. Trucks on location at time was Woodbury Fire Dept Engine 511, Ladder Tower 516, Engine 521. Westville Fire Dept Engine Co. 731, Truck Co. 736, and Rescue Co. 738. Deptford Fire Dept Batt 2 Engine 921. Here are some pictures of the fire

This is are Chief.