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    I'm heading a committee for my department to review and change, if needed, the requirements and testing for new and returning firefighters. This would consist of reviewing the informational info given to applicants, applications, oral interview questions, physical agility tests, scoring and so on. Like every other volunteer fire department, our turnover has been more than we would like, so we have gone with a quality over quantity theory with our staff. We are considering ourselves elite and just because our numbers are down we don't feel we should lower the standards to make a curtain membership numbers. It has worked well so far. The personnel have shown a sense of ownership in the department and the number of personnel responding to calls has also risen slightly. If we continue with this theory, we would like a recruiting/testing system that we can say delivered the best and possibly longest lasting recruits we can get. I'd like to hear how other departments evaluate recruits and what ideas anyone has concerning this topic.

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    In my opinion, a good test will measure strength (e.g. hoist up a weight/hose roll), endurance (e.g. run 1 or 2 miles), general skillfullness (e.g. let them assemble something, like a rescue tripod), and common sense (e.g. let them assemble something, like a rescue tripod; yes, they will have to use their brains, too!). In the interview my main interest would be in the motivation the candidate has. With the right attitude, few problems will arise and/or easily solved.
    Of course, if you only have a couple of applicants, you won't have much choice. If this is a problem, maybe you can go public, introduce yourself (maybe on a local event), and make known that you are looking for motivated people.
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