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    Well I see where Local 36 just won a favorable arbitration ruling. I am sure glad that those "brothers" who were so quick to turn in their cards are now going to benefit from the hard work of their UNION
    leadership. My heartfelt congratulations to the men and women of Local 36. I hope this means that these folks(the two hatters) might give some serious thought to respecting the IAFF. www.iaff.org
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    Wink BRETHREN!

    Hey Mikey - It's hard to have respect for someone or an organization when you know the real motivation behind their actions. And the motives I have mentioned over and over again in these forums are not out of my imagination, they come strait from the "mouth of babes", themselves. I live with it, I see it every day. I know the history. Like I said many times before, I agree with a lot of their issues but the way they went about this issue is simply bull $hit!
    L-1619 can blow all the smoke they want up the *****'s of the rest of the IAFF. But unless you are from here, know the history and even here their members talk while on the job, know and listen to the volunteers and see what they are like, then you don't know both sides and the whole story. And what the shame is, other IAFF brethren will take the word of another IAFF brethren without knowing or even caring what all the facts are. They will take the word of another IAFF brethren simply because they are all members of the IAFF. And don't take this the wrong way but that just makes them narrow minded.
    I am not going to get into all the particulars again. They have all been said and quite frankly I'm getting tired of saying them. If these guy's were told the day they started on the job they shouldn't volunteer where there is another local and given the chance to make a choice then we would not be having this conversation now. And even the by law itself doesn't prohibit them from doing it, it simply says "DISCOURAGES IT." Some of these guy's have been doing it for 10Ö..15Ö.. and 20 years, and it was never an issue until now.
    I don't expect you to take my word on anything I say because I am just another volunteer. But through my posts, and backing a lot of the issues of L-1619, I think I have proven that I am not just another volunteer bashing the IAFF. This all started as retaliation and paybacks over one of their members ucking fup and getting caught by a volunteer Chief who carries an IAFF card. Now it has blown into not only a local issue and not even a national issue, but it is now an international issue involving everyone from the local politicians all the way to the halls of the United States Congress. And if things go as planned, soon to the President of the United States.
    Now don't this look real good for the fire service? All over some smuck getting his feelings and pride hurt! For me thatís nuff said on this subject.
    On a more cheerful note, the weather here in DC today was a balmy 65. Tomorrow will be 70 and nothing but sun, sun, sun. Spring is in the air, the winter time blues are melting away and life is looking good.
    Peace my friend!

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