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    Post Your Basic Workout

    Was wondering if I could get some input on a good workout.

    I'm thinking M,W,F for upper body?
    T,Th,(maybe Sat.) for legs?

    I do NOT want to loose weight (actually need some extra pounds)

    I'm looking to gain muscle mass.

    I have plenty of time in the evening so feel free to lay out a good workout.
    Thanks for the time/input.

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    get into a good alternating day routine of both upper and lower body workout. i would suggest squats,deadlifts,military press and hang cleans all add muscle in important areas plus its in areas (gluets,legs,back) were u will benefit in strength. good luck and u might try a full diet and may be some supplements.
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    my leg workput consists of
    1. Leg Press
    12 @ 380lbs (warmup)
    10 @ 470 (+90)
    8 @ 560 (+90)
    6 @ 740 (+180)
    4 @ 920 (+180)
    and sometimes
    2 @ 1010 (+90)

    2. Leg Curl
    3 sets of 8 @ 250

    3. Leg extensions
    3 sets of 8 @ 210

    4. Seated Calf raises
    3 sets of 25 @ 135

    It took me a long time to get to that point. My upper body strenth is just average, I need to work more on that. But I like that sequence. It's more of a strenth workout though.

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    You want mass?

    Do the big 3 three days a week and eat and supplement right.

    Squats, bench and deadlifts.
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    Default Haligan125

    No squats?
    (Just curious, not saying it's wrong/right to do squates)

    Also, do you mind if I ask how long it took you to get to where your at now?

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