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    Cool Step Vans as Rescues

    I've noticed on several dept. websites that some depts use step vans (Chevy, Ford, Grumman) as Rescue trucks. Well the thing that I was thinking was what size truck works best. Would a 16' Step Van be big enough to run light rescue ops such as Vehicle Ext. and EMS backup? If any of your depts use a Step Van of some sort please email me a pic of it. I find it very interesting and innovative to convert them into apparatus. Thanks.

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    Unless you have a van donated or are going to buy a unit built just for Fire & Rescue I would stay away from step vans.

    1 Loose equipment in the interior
    2 Gas and oil fumes in the passenger area
    3 Lack of exterior compartments
    4 These units are usually not constructed to "fire dept" standards
    5 Questionable crash worthyness can they take a roll over

    I would buy a 1 ton commercial rescue over a step van.

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    Step Van are dangerous if not utlized correctly. My first department had one as a rescue and we were just a mess. This department had 15 engines but a lousy bread truck as a rescue. Keep away from those vans.

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    I tend to agree in staying away if possible. Dealt with one and our biggest problem was it couldn't handle the wieght of all the equip.. Another problem is getting equip. in and out, we had fans and someother bulky equip. and it was just a bear to get them out with 1 person. Than there are all the other problems as stated above, loose equip. etc. etc..
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