POINT ONE: A ferocious retaliation, including the use of neutron bombs, against all Muslim nations which have in any way aided or abetted terrorism against American citizens.

POINT TWO: The immediate destruction by the American or Israeli military of all Muslim nuclear reactors, plants and laboratories developing nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons of mass destruction.

POINT THREE: Total energy independence for America through an emergency crash program funded in the defense budget as a vital national security priority.

POINT FOUR: An immediate end to all U.S. foreign aid, including the so-called loans of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

POINT FIVE: An immediate end to all foreign immigration into the United States, combined with the massive and complete expulsion of America's millions of illegal aliens and the stringent removal of its legal ones at the expiration of their work or residency visas.

POINT SIX: An immediate end to all diplomatic entanglements with the Muslim world, including a total disavowal of the negotiations aimed at forcing little Israel to commit national suicide.

POINT SEVEN: An immediate withdrawal from the fanatically anti-American United Nations (UN) and all organizations directly or indirectly affiliated with it, and the immediate banning of all UN-related activities on American soil.