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    Question 1500 gallon pump tankers

    I'm looking for info, links, pictures, etc. on 1500 gallon pumper tankers on a single rear axle. I'm trying to fibd units with a 6-man custom cab and aluminum bodies. I know Pierce and E-One make them. My department has two Older E-One units like I sated above that are do for replacement. Any comments or information would be great. Thanks

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    Hampton, CT
    1996 (?) Marion on a Spartan Short-Four-Door cab.
    1500gpm rear mount pump
    1500gallon water tank

    My understanding is it meets Connecticuts very restrictive Bridge Law requirements by pushing the tank forward and therefore putting more weight on the front axle than a mid-ship pump allows. (40,000# overall GVW...can't remember front/rear although I have that info on the computer back at the office)

    It is nominally a six man cab, but I don't think I'd want to ride with four guys in the back -- it's a single rear facing bench seat. That's gotta be tight when full!

    (BTW, pic is them relay pumping our 5" line during a summertime drill a few years ago. The Humat 4-way hydrant valve is dropped and put in line by our Engine so it can finish laying and start pumping. Later on a mutual aid Engine can insert itself to boost the line without ever interupting flow. Not a common tactic, but if we get over 3000 feet or so and want 1250-1500gpm flows it's handy)

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