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    Question Large Area Searchs

    When using a rope tag line with 2 firefighters attached with teather lines should the tag line stay on the wall for orientation? While doing some traing the other day there was some confusion on the proper way to do the search. Please let me know how you are doing the search. Thanks

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    How i'm training the members on my dept is: the nozzle person has the tag line attached to him/her while the backup person has a line attached from him/her to the nozzle person. You always keep one person on the hose while allowing the other person to search. This role is usually predetermined prior to entering the structure and does not change once inside.

    Hope this helps some.
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    I think the answer is it depends upon the large area to be searched. Keeping the tag line of the searcher attached to the hoseline or nozzleman is a good practice, especially for working center corridor type occupancies. You can have personnel searching opposite side rooms or apartments without having an extra company bouncing around you. This also works very well for large commercial type cubicle office areas. The tag lines allow to search the random cubicle design without losing your orientation, especially if you can keep your nozzle along an exterior wall and work towards the center. The only real problem with this one is that especially with the cubicles, you never know when the occupants are going to have the directions of the walkways changed, these areas are sometimes very unpredictable, stress the importance of team communication.

    Now for auditorium, gymasium, or warehouse type occupancies with large open areas where obstacles are (generally) not a problem. The best hands down way to search this is with an imaging camera. I have done large area search by tagging the first person to the line, or wall, and tagging a second person to the first, thus increasing your circular search area to 40 or 50 foot circles. This works well, but takes practice, but it's risky due to distance and communication problems. If by any means you have access to a thermal camera, train to do your search that way. Best of Luck

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