A few ideas to pass on.
We carry 90 pieces of 4"x4"x18" rough sawn Oak cribbing between two rigs. All are color coded on the ends to facilitate ownership while working with neighboring companies. For ease of storing we do not have any type of strap or handle attached. Instead, we carry a pair of canvass firewood carriers on each rig. One person can easily deliver at least 12 pieces to the scene with one trip from the unit. Oak wedges (approximately 50) of various sizes are stored in their own alluminum container that can be carried to the scene or by using the firewood carriers. Additionally, 3'-0" and 4'-0" Oak 4"x4"'s are carried on each rig. For quick reference of length, a 3 or 4 has been stenciled on the end of each piece with the same color code for identification.

We also carry 2 sets (4 pieces) of step cribbing on each rig. These are built with treated yellow pine. Using the yellow pine has the advantages of being lighter than the oak but has significantly more structural integrity than white pine, fir or hemlock not to mention that it is basically rot proof. Each piece has a 2"x6" base with the remaining steps made with 2"x4"'s. Each step is glued to the previous with constuction grade adhesive and then screwed together using galvanized 2-1/2" deck screws. Carrying handles are nylon straps screwed to the sides. The handles have been placed to maintain equal balance while one person carries a pair to the scene. Additionally each step crib has a pair of 3/4"to 0"x4"widex12"long rough sawn oak wedges attached to each side. This is accomplished by mounting a bungee strap to each side of step cribbing and placing wedge between strap and cribbing. One person can effectively transport step cribbing, place and wedge into place within 1-2minutes or less.

Budget concerns. There are none. Go to your local saw mill, lumber yard and ask. You will be amazed what these companies will donate if you effectively sell your concerns and mission. Make them feel that they are helping not giving away inventory. Don't forget to send a thank you note or invite them to the station to see for themselves.

Never under estimate the value of cribbing. We had a job involving two vehilces with one ending up on its roof with 4 people trapped. We used every piece of cribbing on that vehicle alone.