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    I am 20 years old have been a firefighter for 3 years and am looking at becoming a fire chaplain down the road what should I do to prep for that?

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    Hi theffsaint,

    Becoming a FD chaplain should be a calling from God on your life, as it is a form of ministry service.

    Becoming an ordained minister in your church or denomination would be a good first step towards becoming a FD chaplain.

    It usually involves schooling (college and post-grad seminary or Bible College), which is very helpful for the job-specific ministry that FD chaplains do for civilians and for firefighters and EMS personnel who are involved in critical incidents.

    Also, some FD agencies offer training (I served as a chaplain intern for one year with the Baltimore City FD in MD) while I attended Bible College. I was promoted to Chaplain by the BCFD when I completed requirements for clergy licensing by my church/denomination.

    Get all of the training and education that you can, while you can! You'll definitely need it as a FD chaplain!

    As a person of faith, you can still minister to people you serve (and people you serve with) as a FD member. For Christians, we believe "in the priesthood of all believers" and that all Christians are really ministers, sharing the love and peace of Christ with people we meet and work with. Some Christians are called to full-time ministry through the call of God.

    Best wishes in your pursuits. Know that I'll be praying for you!

    Yours in public safety ministry,
    Chaplain Dean

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