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PITTSBURGH, PA, February 11, 2002 – Fire fighters now will have access to rapid intervention (RIT) information at their fingertips through — a comprehensive new web site designed to provide them with all the information needed to perform rapid intervention on the fireground.
More fire fighters die in residential occupancies than in any other type of structure fire and are typically the most common type of occupancy that fire fighters encounter. Both the NFPA and OSHA have requirements for some type of rapid intervention at structure fires. These standards requiring that a minimum of two fire fighters be standing by outside in full protective equipment, while other crew members are working in a hazardous atmosphere, are the result of a series of incidents where fire fighters became lost, trapped, or disoriented while fighting a structure fire without rapid intervention present.
This new site will allow firefighters to access articles, training materials, a list of RIT equipment manufacturers/vendors, a list of nationwide seminars and instructors, and message board forums.
"The site brings us to the forefront in web site design," said Jim Crawford, founder. "This vast collection of information and resources arms firefighters with the tools they need to help fellow firefighters in emergencies. The site is interactive so firefighters can search the site for up to date information. It is our hope that this information source will help rapid intervention team members, fire officers, firefighters, and even city/town leaders to set up, or continue to expand and train, their rapid intervention teams.”
The new web site was developed by a volunteer firefighter, Joseph Polk of Mt. Lebanon, PA, and his company ELET (
"This design was created specifically for an online audience of both firefighters and general visitors," says Polk, ELET’s Director of Information Technology. "Packed with information that will be constantly updated, the site will make the rapid intervention extensive resources more attractive and accessible to firefighters across our nation."
Rapid Intervention is a concept designed to protect and save firefighters from the fate of perishing in a burning building. Many fire departments across the country are developing and implementing Rapid Intervention Teams on their firegrounds for the safety of the nations’ firefighters. It is in the use of these teams that the hope of lowering fire fighter fatalities will prevail.