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    Hi Brothers!
    I just wanted to share some information. Please read the following

    Discovery Channel Pays Tribute To The Lost Men Of Rescue 3
    “The Brotherhood of September 11" will be a World Premiere Special airing Wednesday, March 6 at 10 p.m.- at a firehouse in the South Bronx, a simple plexiglass board lists the names of eight men: Hickey, Meisenheimer, Blackwell, Regan, Spor, Gambino, Foley and Schrang. Dated Tuesday, September 11, this roster serves as a simple, mute memorial to the eight members of Rescue 3 who responded to the worst disaster in New York City history and ever returned. It is a picture all too common throughout the FDNY. The Discovery Channel will invite viewers to meet the surviving members of Rescue 3 for an intimate portrait of how the extended family of this firehouse is coping with their unimaginable burden with the television premiere of NY FIREFIGHTERS: THE BROTHERHOOD OF SEPTEMBER 11. Narrated by actress Stockard Channing, the one-hour program will make its world television premiere Wednesday, March 6, from 10 - 11 p.m. Relying on first-hand conversations with the firefighters and families of Rescue 3, exclusive never-before-seen footage from the World Trade Center on 9/11, and accounts from workers who escaped the buildings’ collapse, NY FIREFIGHTERS takes viewers deep inside a world swirling with pain, hope, loss and inspiration in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The men of Rescue 3 opened the doors of their firehouse to the Discovery Channel less than a month after the attacks. As a result, NY FIREFIGHTERS vividly portrays their efforts to carry on in the shadow of the legacy of their fallen friends. While the scope of the tragedy permeates all New York firehouses, the toll is especially hard on the members of Rescue 3 because their mission is to handle the most difficult rescues – including saving firefighters. Viewers see how they confront their pain of September 11 every time “5-5-5-5" is sent over the voice alarm and teleprinter and how they cope with the reality that the Twin Towers disaster gave them no chance to use their skills. Throughout this special, these consummate rescuers provide their memories of that day and share what must have been going through their compatriots’ minds as they rushed into the burning maelstrom of the Twin Towers. They also reveal how, despite their attempts to reestablish a routine that includes answering 50 calls a week, the firehouse still struggles to cope with the eight deaths that have devastated Rescue 3. As Nick Giordano says, “Our lives have been either going down to the World Trade Center and working on the pile or going to our brothers’ funerals. And it’s been like that since September 11th. Despite the constant reminders of their loss, the members of Rescue 3 describe their unanimous desire to honor the memories of their lost friends by pushing through the pain that they encounter each day. NY FIREFIGHTERS also shows how the firehouse’s concept of family extends beyond its doors when it portrays the Gambino, Schrang and Blackwell families’ visit to Rescue 3. Through these poignant moments, the program captures the depth of the personal tragedies of September 11. From Jackie Schrang lamenting that she won’t have anyone to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, to her mother revealing that she doesn’t know when her loss will feel “real”, and 13-year-old Ryan Blackwell cleaning out his father’s locker, it becomes clear how the ultimate victims of the attacks may be those who lived. However, it is equally clear that, despite their struggles, the bravery of the men of Rescue 3 who died doing what they loved has inspired and heartened those who carry their legacy. A Partisan Pictures production ... press release.

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    Good Post L41, in addition, coming up soon is the viewing #1 of two views concerning the French Bros who were documenting a Probies career. These two fellows were riding with BC Pieffer and at a gas leak report when they caught the first Aircraft on it's way in. They continued to film until they were blacked out during the collaspes. I met them personally and their remark was; They truly believe in miracles, as both were amazed, they survived. A caution here......if this film is not is extremely graphic, be aware of this before you tune in. This film will be shown twice....that's it. The film is part of a study by the FBI-NYPD-FDNY and evidence as to the why-where-who's!

    "All gave some...Some gave all!"
    Sept, 11th, 2001
    Lest we forget!
    "All gave some...Some gave all!"
    9/11/01 Lest we forget!

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