We are in the initial phases of adopting an electronic patient care reporting system and are looking for advice, suggestions, warnings, etc. with respect to hardware, software, training, techniques, features, pros/cons...you get the picture.

Specifically, we would like to hear from end-users (field personnel) about their experiences. Any and all comments would be appreciated. We are especially interested in the following areas:

-How you are using the devices, that is, are they supplementing paper reporting, replacing paper entirely (like UPS), used to gather initial patient info or just to quantify data later, etc.?

-Do you use off-the-shelf or customized software, and with what OS?

-How much does each unit cost, and what is your replacement rate?

-What is your back-up system?

-Can you easily export data?

-Do you have any advance/supplemental features (e.g. voice recording, reference functions, mapping, etc.)?

-Do you use wireless technology?

-Is your system more or less cumbersome for you than your previous paper reporting? -

-Are you satisfied?

-What do you like most?

-What do you DISlike most?

Again, we welcome anything you can pass along. We will also gladly pass on all information gathered.

Please contact me by your preferred method at:

Lt Ryland Kendrick


Fairfax County Fire & Rescue
7128 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003

Thanks for your time, and be safe.