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    Question Is there other fire grants a department can sign up for?

    Is there grants a vol. fire dept. can apply for besides the big one, like maybe from big companies?

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    There are many other grant opportunities other that FEMA. Most states offer community block grants and there is plenty of private $ out there if you know where to look for it.

    Your best bet is to take a grant writing class first. Usually the class will not only help you in your applications but also how to find grants. Check out Rodney Slaughter's web site, http://www.dragonflynet.com . He has plenty of good ideas and you can check his schedule to see if he's going to be in your area soon. If not, invite him over. He also has award winning narratives (including one of mine) to help you with yours.

    I'm glad to hear that you're not just sitting back and waiting for the feds to help like so many of the complainers have been doing on all these forums.

    Good Luck!
    Steve Dragon
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    Default grant

    There is an ARSON grant for ie camera/ evidence collection equipment ect. www.fm-global.com/arson They will send you the info.You will haft to scroll through the sight for the info on the grant.GOOD LUCK

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