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    Question Where is the Federal Register for fire act

    The information for the fire act grant was to be published by the end of January. Does anyone know what happened, or if there is a new timline? I haven't heard many people asking. Did I miss something?

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    Unhappy You didn't miss anything

    I have been checking the USFA website daily, and am subscribed to the email alerts, and can find nothing. The last entry under the FIRE Act is Jan. 23. If the rules don't come out soon, then you will only have a couple of days to get the app in from the time you get the rules. It has me worried, too. I sent an email to Dr. Harry Carter, as last year he was involved in the process, but he didn't seem to know any details, either. Hope the rules come out soon, and good luck!
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    I wish I could be of more help But here goes.
    As of Feb *, 2002 when I attended an information class held by a FEMA rep. he that the Final Rule was in comittee he also stated that the Feds wanted to make sure that they had it right before it was published.

    Also as current as today,(02/15/02) I read the FEMA web and it said that the FInal Rule would be available soon. They also said that they are still looking at a March 1, 2002 beginning date for the application process to beginn and end on April 1, 2002.

    Sorry that I can't be more help, but if I here or see anything I will forward it to you.

    And as to you and your department I wish you the best in receiving a Grant. I say this because my Department received one last year and it was great (we will be appling again).

    Best wishes,
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    The Final Rule is not published as yet. You can be sure we'll post it in our Funding/Fire Act section once it is.

    Check http://www.firehouse.com/funding/fireact or our main page.

    From any current FIRE ACT article you can also subscribe to our e-news alerts when new information/stories are posted.


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    Here is the address


    posted 02-27-02
    Be Safe Out there.

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