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    Question Contract Firefighting

    I'm thinking about working as a contract wildland firefighter this summer, but I was wondering if contractors will be getting much business. I've heard that the government has been hiring more firefighters to push out contract work.

    Last summer I worked for a contractor on an engine, but our engines only got called out for a few weeks out of the whole summer. There were many fires, so I didn't see why we got so little work. Also the contractor I worked for had a great crew and better equipment than any other contractor or government agency we saw. The only reason I could see for our lack of work was an increase in government workers for wildland firefighting.

    If anyone knows wether my employer just got bad luck or if there is actually a growing decrease in work for contractors, please let me know. Its hard to give up a summer to waiting and have very little return.

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    WOW sorry to hear that you had a bad season, yes the Forest Service and BLM are both getting more firefighters but that is only due to Congress seeing the big picture and seeing that more homes and land will burn unless something is done about it.

    For your question about contract crews, well you have a few opts. now I think you would get on with a Forest Service crew, and you will get to see more fire.
    Now is the time to start calling around to see who has what, and get all of your paper work in to Boise if you want a job this year with the Forest Service.

    In calif there is a contract crew called North Tree Fire, they get alot of fires.

    Oregon: Patrick or grey back forestry.

    Another thought is try to get as much school and as learn as much about wildfire as you can it will all pay off.

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