2/11/02-1900 hrs. "Reported Structure Fire" 100 St.Clair Ave
SW.- N.Phila E-17, Dover E-1, N.Phila T-11. E-17 on scene, Heavy black
smoke showing from chimney, newly promoted Captain Jim Parrish is command. smoke throughout structure, fuel oil furnace found in kitchen. Fire extending outside of furnace, fire under control 1920hrs. scene turned over to T-11, E-17 diverted to assist Medic 21 on full arrest.
2/12/02-1240 hrs. "Confirmed Structure Fire" 200 blk 5th St. NE. N.Phila. E-17, Dover E-1, N.Phila T-11, N.Phila. R-23, N.Phila. C-21.
E-17 on scene 1-story wood frame, working fire in basement. Chief Snyder in command.E-17 Capt. Daugherty leads off w/ 1 3/4" heavy smoke in basement, extending to first floor, T-11, R-23 open up roof.Under Control,1330 Hrs.