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    Lightbulb Cool Idea -- Please Read

    Anyone planning on doing this? I am trying to get my department to do it since we are having a little memorial thing that day anyway. Let me know what you think...

    Often communities remember human sacrifice through observing a minute's silence. For International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) in 2002 we propose a modification of this to reflect on the committment and sacrifices of firefighters' worldwide in a truely appropriate manner for firefighters:
    Next Saturday May 4th (International Firefighters' Day) at noon (local time) let us sound off our fire sirens for 30 seconds in memory of, and respect for, all firefighters who have been lost in the line of duty or passed on before us.

    A global Sound Off will be an excellent manner to attract media and community attention to the role, committment and sacrifices of firefighters. It will give us all a chance to reflect on the firefighters who have lost their lives in the last twelve months, particularly those on September 11th, in a very fitting firefighter tribute.

    The Sound Off event has the ability to attract media attention to the role of firefighters and the rememberence of their sacrifices in a manner that will be visually appealing and which may be followed in a similar manner to that of watching the new millenium fireworks roll around the world. Media could "follow" the Sirens for firefighters from country to country at each one's local noon - showing all the different cultures and apparatus joined together for a common goal - the rememberence of the sacrifices of past firefighters.

    On May 4th at high noon please Sound Off in respect of past firefighters.

    Please register your Sound Off (if linked to events such as Open Days, Fire Expos, major media campaigns) in the World Calendar so other people in your country or department might be able to co-ordinate with you. Media will also be encouraged to check the calendar for local contacts of personnel they can approach for stories.

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    That is an excellent idea. Also since every department has it's own call tones on the 911 page system. Every county in the USA at a 11:59 all tones be sounded, then followed with sirens at noon. It would be a great tribute to the firefighters of past and present. Not much time need to get this nation wide and fast.

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    Thanks for your words of support! The only way to get the "Sound Off" for fallen firefighters to occur this May 4th - International Firefighters' Day (IFFD), will be to spread the word.

    Please feel free to visit the IFFD website at http://www.futureweb.com.au/edmondson for further information re the Sound Off and other IFFD activities. We also have a forum and world calendar of events, IFFD awards and also an add your own link area where you can enter your link to our international collection.

    Please visit us and continue to spread the word about the Sound Off and also the web-site address. We need support from all corners of the world and people promoting the call and running with it.

    Once again thank-you for your enthusiasm. May there be many other supporters like yourselves to ensure that our fallen firefighters are given the international recognition and respect they deserve.
    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    "I walk where the fire dances"

    ** International Firefighters' Day **:

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