On 2-13-02 when Apex firefighters were holding a "Goodbye" luncheon for two of its' full-time members, they were alerted to a Sweetgum Dr. address for a house fire. Engine 1 on scene with "nothing showing" from a two story dwelling. After further investigation a small fire in a bathroom was found before it had broken out. One line put into service for quick fire control. Holding Engines 1 & 2. No injuries to report. Units on alarm: E1 & 2, L1, RS1, Tanker 8.

Later on in the afternoon, around 1630 hrs., Apex firefighters dispatched to a MVA/pin-in on Hwy. 55 and Marksman Dr. E1 on scene with 1 fatality and 2 Traumas. Holding E1 and RS1 on scene with a long in service time.

On 2-15-02 Apex Comm. Center notified by Fairview VFD Chief Pierce (100) via radio that they are responding to a dwelling fire in Apex's district. E-1 only responding due to full assignments by Cary FD and Fairview VFD already responding. Word is that trailer was a total loss.