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    Default does any explorers have there EMT cert.

    I was wondering if any of you guys out there had obtained
    your EMT certification, and if you have it how are you able
    to maintain it not being 18?

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    In the State of Alaska, you have to be 18 to be an EMT, but we have ETT's (Emergency Trauma Technicians)and you only have to be 16. I have been an ETT for over a year and am waiting for thge next EMT class offered here.

    As a cadet (ages 16-18), we were prohibited from responding to any EMS or MVA calls, so it was almost impossible to try to keep up on your skills. We have two drills a month for EMS, but half the time I could barely participate then. As soon as I turned 18, I just started responding and started to re-learn my skills.

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    in the state of NJ you must be at least 16 years of age to be a certified EMT-B... but the only thing is you are a Provisional EMT which means you are NOT to be in the back of the ambulance by yourself. Your a real EMT you go through all the same training as 18 year old EMT-B's its just the age thing. I'm a EMS cadet for the local first aid squad so I got my EMT cert through them. But I'm on the local FD explorer post so I can use my training when we assist the first aid squad on 1st responder calls. I must take all EMT CEU classes as regular EMT's and keep my CEU's up to date.
    New Jersey

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    Default NY STATE

    In New York, you have to be 18 years of age to hold an EMT certification. But....you can be a CFR (Certified First Responder) at the age of 16, and its basically the same thing as an EMT. I am currently 16 years old and taking the CFR class right now, testing out on May 23, 2002.
    -Stay Safe

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    In Connecticut, you can become a certified EMT-B at age 16 and a certified MRT(First Responder) at 14. If you can work by yourself or not in the back of the rig depends on your specific Medical Control protocols. My medical control is through St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut and they say you must be 18 to do any skills requiring medical direction. However, in the next town over, they have MedCon through UConn Medical Center in Farmington, Connecticut. They say that as long as you have your certification you have you can do any skills you are trained to perform. As I said, it depends on the hospital you have MedCon through.

    Anthony D. Ruggiero
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    Windsor Locks Fire Department Explorer Post 50
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    Default emt

    im in NJ, so its the same deal with me as engine58.i was 17 when i took EMT. now im 19 (almost 20) so that dosnt matter. it was nice being able to take emt when i was 17, it fit better into my schedule of training that ive taken. my newest class im taking now is hazmat tech, take it its fun...
    Chris Kerrigan
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    New Milford Vol. Fire Dept Company #2
    New Milford,NJ

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    Default Re: Does Any Explorer have there EMT Certification?

    I am a explorer from the state of Maryland and down here they allow anyone over the age of 16 with a BLS affiation to take the EMT program, but I am not allow, although I am 17 my department does not allow anyone under 18 years of age to take the EMT program becasue in the state of Maryland you have to make 5 EMS calls to pass the class and in my department you have to be 18 to ride in any equipment. But when I turn 18 you better watch out, I will be an EMT and by the age of 25 I WILL be a Paramedic

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