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    My department is hiring a full time fire inspector. This is a new position for our department. We are a paid-on-call department. I am applying for this position and dont have any inspectors training. I have all the nesassary fire training. I have been in the fire service for 8 years also. What should I know and what training other than fire inspector training should I get? I really want this position and whould really appreciate any help I can get from anybody.

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    good luck. You do not say what the duties are??? public education, fire investigation, code enforcement, plan review. Two suggestions 1. contact the fire inspectors in youor area and see if you can do ride alongs. I think this is one of the best ways to see what the job is all about. also, get with and become friends with the building department. They can help you learn things that are both in the fire and building code and also if working on a project be a back up on difficult questions. 2. take any classes seminars that you can get into to include the national fire academy. if you are doing plan review/ new construcion inspections get with some of the local fire protection companies and have them let you walk some job sites. they show you how sytems are put together and the standards that have to be met. LEARN THE CODE THAT YOUR CITY IS UNDER. you do not need to know word for word but know where to find what your are dealing with. Also, the uniform codes have hand books that explain in a little more detail what the code means. Going from firefighting to fire inspector is a very different setting. you will find out that you know very little. Best advice is use GOOD JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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