1100 hrs. at 5316 Doris St 1 story wood frame with possible occupant trapped inside. Initial reports by PD on scene was confirmed working fire. E-03,E-12,A-01 and C-03 1st in E-03 found a one story house w/Heavy smoke and flames visible. E03 established their own supply line and pulled initial attack line. E-12 was on scene about 30 sec. behind E-03 and pulled back-up line. E-12 took-over primary attack line and began inital fire attack and rapid search for possible victim. A-01 on scene and gained second access to structure for possible rescue. 2nd alarm companies were E-09, E-04 and Air resource-1. E-09 assigned back-up and E-04 assigned R.I.T. Victim was located by Aerial company, and was already deceased. Crews had difficult time with fire attack due to tremendous amount of debris(content's of the residence) and heavy amount of heat and smoke. A valent effort by the Men and Women of the WSFD. Fire marshal division was conducting investigation into the cause, none at this time.