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    Post Rescue Diver employment

    I need information and do not know where to turn. I figured someone out there could point me in the right direction.

    I recently turned 30 and have only a few months remaining in the military before I venture out into the real world. I have been diving for 4 years and have specialty training in search and recovery, black water and river diving. I want to put my military and diving experience to good use.

    Who do I need to contact for employment? I have noticed that there are jobs both in law enforcement and ems. I currently reside in Georgia but plan to relocate to South Carolina. Any informaiton or guidance you may have would be appreciated.

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    The biggest obstacle you are going to encounter is that most of the full paid dive teams are a specialty division or company of the Fire Department, Sheriff, or local PD. An option would be to start with a paid on call department or Sheriff/PD reserve unit with a dive team. This will allow you to stay current and pursue employment with a career department. Besides, vollie department are always looking for good people. Hope this helps...Mark
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