What would it take to have an industry standard Buddy Breather/RIT Pack connection? A seamless interface between any brand of SCBA to allow immediate connection instead of the kluge of adaptors and methods that currently exist.

I recently took a firefighter survival course with several departments in the area. NOBODY had the "Right" connection to adapt to anyone else. Even within the same brand, different packs had different options.

A structure fire in my area gets 3 separate companies using 3 separate brands of SCBA. The only option for the RIT team is a complete changeout of SCBA, Mask and all. Buddy breathing is a dicey operation at best, but a near impossibility due to a lack of connectivity between brands and even between different models of the same brand.

It seems to me that a standard quick-connect coupler located in the same location on each make and model of SCBA is realistically possible from an engineering standpoint. There would have to be a set of standards developed industry wide as far as regulator pressures, connector specifications, etc.

I believe that this would be a worthwile addition to the SCBA of the future. Any Ideas?