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    Default Live Fire Trainig

    Who do you let participate in live structural burns? A few weeks ago a dept. close by allowed jr. members (age 16-18) do participate in interior attacks and now some members of my dept. are starting to discuss allowing this to happen when we do live fire training. I personnally feel that this is not a wise idea, in restaraunts people those ages cannot operate meat slicers or do any other "dangerous" things in other areas of employment. I am looking for OSHA, NFPA, etc regulations on this matter but have found nothing specific as yet. My question to you is what would you do if this was your dept. to head off a possible tragic situation? Also do you have any standards relating to thge age of participants?

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    As a advisor for our juniors, I can tell you that there isn't a lot of guidelines out there for what juniors can and cannot do.(Kind of like a lot of things in the fire servie, huh) Our juniors are not allowed to participate in any active fire attack, training or 'real' the fire doesn't know the difference. However, to keep them involved, you have to allow the kids to do something besides replacing air bottles. I usually try to get them on a team out side the structure when the instructors light it off for the last time. Supervised, the juniors can usually handle a line in the yard to protect exposures. I agree with you. The responsibility carried by the department for a minor is a lot greater than for a legal adult. A some departments around us have allowed juniors to do al lot more than we do (operate pumps, attack the fire, etc.) but I usually tell my juniors that they have thier rules and we have ours. I have also noticed that, since the live fire death in Texas(I think), instructors are being more particular how they are operating and may not want the responsibility of allowing juniors to do interior attacks. I would advise having your by-laws address this situation so that your department will have a legal leg to stand on if something does come up. Good Luck!
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    I can't speak to where you live, but...

    In New Hampshire (not an OSHA state) the state's Child Labor Laws are VERY specific about what people under the age of 18 can and cannot do, and they are even more stringent regarding people under the age of 16.

    I would contact your state's Department of Labor (or whatever the equivelant is) and investigate their regulations. A few things you may want to include in your inquiry would be exposure to IDLH environments, and the use of SCBA in a true IDLH environment (OSHA is pretty specific about regulating the use of respirtory protection).

    Stay safe!

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