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    Default Educational Incentives

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am in the process of working on a paper for a course in fires science adn would like some assistance from my fellow bucketheads. I was wondering if any of you could post or e-mail me what educational incentives your department / or union comtract has. I would also need to know what department you belong to, not your name, but locations that I can document in my report and their benefits. I would also like to know if your department requires education to be appointed to the job, and especially if their is a requirement for a management or fire science degree in order for one to be promoted. Information on tuition reimbursement and percentage or flat rate incentives for Associates, Bachelor's, masters, and even doctorate and restrictions to degrees programs. I know this is a lot of information but this is a highly used forum and I figured it would be worth a shot to get information from across the country. Once again thank you for any all help given.

    P.S. - Out of curiosity, if degrees in EMS are allowed by your city that would help out as well.
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    We get
    $25 extra for 25-59 college hrs.
    $50 extra for 60 hrs. or an Associate's.
    $75 extra for Bachelor's.
    $100 extra for post-grad.

    Tuition reimbursement is half your enrollment costs up to 6 hrs.,
    and I guess at one point was only applicable for degrees (or classes that fit these degrees) like Poli Sci, Fire Protection Eng., Admin., etc.. But it is coming around to paying for stuff like EMS certification like the large investment of Paramedic class. Some people forego getting the city to defray half their school because it's rumored that once you do, you have to continue to work for the city for two years. Most people would anyway, but it could suck to have something like that hanging over your head.

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    Da Sharkie...

    If I could find my copy of the contract, I could give you exact figures...

    Our educational incentive is based on percentages, based on the number of credits you have. It is on an ascending scale, with 60 credits worth 10% of the base salary for the rank. 120 credits worth 12% of the base salary for the rank. Ranks covered under our contract are Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief.

    First responders get 2% of base salary, EMT's get 5% plus the first responder pay for a total of 7%.

    Master firefighter (ten years of service) is an additional 5% of base salary.

    We have the option of having the educational and other incentives (such as night shift differential) paid either weekly or lump sum.

    We also get a $1000 a year stipend for hazmat and sick leave buyback Both are paid once a year (buyback in January, hazmat in July).

    There is no requirement for a degree to be promoted...we are a civil service department, you must pass the exam for the rank and be appointed from the list.
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