I would put this in a different spot, but cant find another area that it would fit any better than in here, if there is one...please tell me and ill place it there instead.

Our fire department recently lost our tanker due to a roll-over -en route- to a fire. the roll-over was caused by mechanical failure...it was a '68 Ford with a 1800 gallon tank (2100 orig.)

We are in the process of looking for a new truck and spec'ing out one...hopefully we will get it in time for the grants, but we're not sure...so we are doing a series of fundraisers to help out.

The ones that are upcoming are...a Turkey Dinner on March 10
a Spring Auction on April 19th @ 6pm
and a 50/50 raffel

anyone in the Dayton (Armstrong Cnty, PA) area interested can contact me @ keener@alltel.net with the subject about whichever of these you would like to attend. or if you would liketo make a donation to the department, because we have had alot of people ask about it, email me and i will get you the address to send that too

thank you all for your time!
A. Keener
Dayton, PA