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    Default firefighters insurance coverage at fires and accidents

    Law Enforcement, fire departments and rescue squads in our county recently recieved a memo from our County Judge/Executive informing us that vol. firefighters are not covered by any type of insurance if they are flagging traffic. It further advises us that during fires or accidents any flagging of traffic should be done by Law Enforcement or Rescue Squads. Does anyone have anu info regarding this? It has always been my understanding that State Workers Comp covered firefighters during their duties in Kentucky.

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    It would appear this judge is telling you traffic control is not your duty. I tend to agree. I have always told the brothers, you can tell a car to stop, but never wave him, to go. Once you tell a driver to go, if he hits someone/something, his first defense will be, "the fireman told me to go".

    I don't want the cops fighting our fires, why should I then take on his responsibilities? You should thank the judge and let your command know a judge has told you NOT to do it. If you're then ordered, you're covered under his negligence.

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    bad doggie...

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    Default Fire Police

    I know of some jurisdictions where local law enforecement (i.e Sheriff's Department) actually provide a process to "deputize" firefighters to specifically handle traffic control details. From what I've seen, these special type of Fire Police are mostly older, active Volunteer Firefighters. Since they are performing these duties under the direction of a law enforcement agency, I'm wondering whose liability they fall under. The F.D. or the agency that actually authorized them.

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