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    Exclamation IMPORTANT: I need to know about ride alongs! PLEASE Read & Respond!

    Hello, Although I have been involved in the cadet program for my local volunteer fire department their is stuff that I am still trying to learn about the service. In my department we are not aloud to ride on emergency equipment becasue of insurance reasons which is beyond me, I have just read a post about liability forms and that if a cadet signs one then there is no liability in the insurance company. And then I keep reading about a Explorer Post. What exactly what is a post, sorry if the a dumb and stupid question, but I was just wondering if there is any difference (if any) is there between a cadet program for a volunteer fire department and an explorer post? Also is there any legal information about ride alongs that I should know?

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    Default Differences of opinion

    Well, the differences are mainly the post liability insurance requirements. The safety guidelines are the requirements of coverage. If you get hurt preforming a task that you are not supposed to do or not allowed to do, the insurance will not cover you. You also get sickness and injury insurance for only an additional dollar on your registration of seven dollars.

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    A lot of departments seem to have liabilty forms, such as those filled out for field trips or sports at school. Ask an officer in the dept, or the chief about what specifically they are worried about with ride alongs. Are you over 18? Do they allow non Explorer ride outs? They may just be worried about age or something to that nature. See if the chief can talk to the city lawyer, if it is a city-run department, or to the insurance agent to see if a form transfering liability to you or your parents would be able to change the current rules.

    Good Luck! Ride outs can be quite informational and tons of fun!

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    I'm not sure why they have become known as posts. Exploring is offered through the Boy Scouts of America. Information can be viewed at Guys and gals are eligable. We do allow ride alongs at our department. As far as liablility insurance it is provided by the Boy Scouts after signing up and paying your yearly fee of seven dollars. We also have parents sign the waiver form for our department.
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