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    Default opinions on fire districts and ems districts?

    I wanted to get kind of a general consenus on what other VFD's think of fire districts and emergency service districts.

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    I am for the districts.
    1. Provides a source of income that is not dependent on fund raising.
    2. Allows you to finance purchases of vehicles, equipment, and bldgs. at a good interest rate because of a "stable" income.
    3. May allow you to apply for state and federal grants that you would not be eligible for otherwise.

    1. District normally goverened by a board of elected citizens who may not understand your needs. Do your homework on your justification.
    2. Fiancial records of the district will probably be public record. Not a real problem, but there will always be some who question you expenditures. I.E. Why pay $150,000 for a new engine when the 30 yr old one you have only has 10,00 miles on it?
    3. General resistance to taxes to fund the district. Have handouts showing the cost based of assessed property values available. We can levy a maximum of $120.00 per $100,000.00 assessed. It's amazing how fast the rumor that a $10,000.00 mobile home will pay $120.00 per year instead of $12.00.

    Last but not least get copies of your state laws on districts and make sure you understand them befor attempting to form a district.

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