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    Default How to get hired?

    I've been looking into getting on as a seasonal forestry ff. I tried through the state(CT), but their training didn't fit in with my school classes and my firefighter II class, so i was wondering if there are other routes i could take to get hired for a crew? thanks


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    The key to getting hired is patience and persistance. You might take a look at www.usajobs.opm.gov. Then go to job openings, then series, then list all, then series # 0462. There are alot of seasonal job openings right now. But they will be starting soon. Just keep sending in applications over and over. It took me almost two years to get hired on. Although I was just applying at one park. If you are applying at many different places it will increase your chances. Good luck and hope that this will help. It is a very exciting career.

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