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    Default Looking For Info. On Pierce Rescue Pumpers And Mid-mount Platform

    I am looking for input on pierce rescue pumpers and mid-mount platforms. I would like to hear good and bad. If you have had a problem please be specific about the problem and the quality of service you received getting it resolved. Also include the age of your vehicle and approx. amount of use. Thank-you.

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    Our department currently has a 1998 Pierce Dash Rescue pumper and a new Saber (I think it is a Saber anyway) on the way shortly (April, last I heard). Most love the 98', we have had a few minor problems with it but nothing major. One of the problems was a valve cover leak and the one that sticks out most in my mind anyway was door latches and window cranks. They window cranks seem to get moisture in them and rust. The door latches have these clips that hold the rods on that break. We are having that same problem with our 2000 Dash 105'Ladder.They are still alot better than our Sutphen's. We are hoping to get a mid mount Tower in a couple of years. Pierce brought one down and Demo'd it and it is sweeeet . I heard they were having some problems with some sort of sensor switches, but that problem is being rectified.
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    Default 2001 Lance

    We have a 2001 Pierce Lance 10 man cab. The only problem we had was a hydrolic hose blew the first day we had it. It was not in service since it was just delivered but our dealer was out in an hour, had it fixed in 2 hours. We have not had any problems with the truck since. It is a Rescue-Pumper style truck. But we love the way the truck operates, and as a driver I can give first hand accounts on the great handeling, turning radius (it's a very big truck), and ease of operating the truck as a whole. E-mail for any specs if you would like or if you have any more questions.

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