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    Question Can you answer this question?

    Can anyone tell me how many fire departments there are in the United States ? And how many of those are totally volunteer?

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    Unknown the exact amount, but a guess would be over 30,000. That is paid and volunteer. As for the amount of volunteer I would say 70% are. Volunteer was the original fire service.

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    Default Vol. vs Paid in DELAWARE

    There are roughly 58 volunteer departments and 1 paid department in the State of Delaware. The City of Wilmington is the only true paid Fire service in Delaware, while a private company is currently working on hiring a small staff to protect its property and assets. The Dover Bureau of Fire is the only Volunteer Fire Service in the US that protects a State Capital, fyi. The remainder of the state is protected by Volunteer Fire Companies that usually handle both fire/ems responses. look up www.fire-ems.net to help you in your search.

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    According to NFPA data quoted on the USFA web site, there were 26,354 fire departments in the U.S. in 2000.

    For more such data that you might be interested in, go to www.usfa.fema.gov and search the data section.

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