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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Update MANHATTAN, NY: All Hands Box 1165 @ W. 86th St. & Columbus Ave. 5-story brick 100x25 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire on the top floor with extension to the penthouse. DIV3 reports primary search in the fire apartment and penthouse negative. PWH. [EAN2]. 12:06a.m.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Working fire* TAC-Box 1362 @ 1021 W. Glenwood Ave. BATT-8 has fire #2 floor of a 2-story 16x45 occupied middle of row dwelling. 2&2 in service. [EAN3305*EAN3308]. 12:14a.m.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Update TAC Box 1362 @ 1021 W. Glenwood Ave. BATT-8 reports fire knocked down in main fire building. Some extension to B exposure. Fire is now under control. Holding all Companies in service. [EAN3305*EAN3308]. 12:19a.m.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Attempted Fire Bombing* in the 3300 block of 2nd St. Companies on scene with a Mulatov Cocktail. Unknown if it went off or was found. Fire Marshal to respond. [EAN3305]. 1:50a.m.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Update Found Mulatov Cocktail at 2nd and Wesmoreland Streets. Engine Company 55 on scene with PD. They have a Mulatov Cocktail found in a vehicle unexploded. Fire Marshal is en-route to collect evidence. [EAN3305]. 2:03a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-1058 at Empire Blvd x Rogers Ave. Fire on the 5th floor rear of a 6-story 100x200 building. Occupants are being removed. [MNS-154]. 4:55a.m.

Update BROOKLYN, NY: 75-1058 at Empire Blvd x Rogers Ave. Main body of fire knocked down. S/C for an additional Truck. PWH. DIV-15. [MNS-154]. 5:00a.m.

SWANSEA, MA: 3rd Alarm on Route 6 at the former Chicken Farm. 400x40 structure. [NEFNN/DESK]. 5:25a.m.

3rd Alarm SWANSEA, MA: on Rte 6. Reported building fire. M/A to the fire and cover. *153.95* [TAC9-C105]. 5:43a.m.

Update SWANSEA, MA: 3rd Alarm on Rte 6 at Old Fall River Rd. All Firefighters ordered out of the building. Going to defensive operations. *153.95*. [TAC9-C105]. 6:23a.m.

Update 3rd Alarm SWANSEA, MA: on Rte 6 at Old Fall River Rd. Fire in a 1-story frame 100x50 heavy smoke showing. *153.950* C105/C390 [TAC9-C319]. 6:38a.m.

Update - 3rd Alarm SWANSEA, MA: on Rte 6 at Old Fall River Rd. Fire in 1-story brick 50x100. OIC reported all heavy fire knocked down PWH. *153.95* C105/C390 [TAC9-C319]. 7:04a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD - 1st Alarm fire on arrival at N. Kingshighway & Kensington. Heavy smoke & fire showing. PUMPERS: 28, 30, 24, 26, H&L 15, RESCUE SQUAD 1, BC 805, 806. [STL810]. 9:32a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs - 1st Alarm fire at N. Kingshighway & Kensington. Heavy smoke & fire showing from a 2 story brick. One line off & a supply line laid. Wind chill is 0 degrees. [STL810]. 9:35a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs - 1st Alarm fire at N. Kingshighway & Kensington: ** Evacuation tones sounded** for firefighters to evacuate the building. [STL810]. 9:43a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs - 1st Alarm fire at N. Kingshighway & Kensington: Fire from the basement to the roof of a 3-story brick. Firefighters have been evacuated from the building. Exposure problem. Co.'s in a defensive mode. [STL810]. 9:47a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs - 1st Alarm fire at N. Kingshighway & Kensington: Fire in an occupied house. 2 Aerial devices & 3 Handlines working. Residents have been accounted for. Windchill is 0 degrees. [STL810]. 9:55a.m.

JACOBSVILLE, MD: *2nd Alarm* 205 Sharon Dr. (Anne Arundel Co.) Heavy fire in a dwelling & 3-car attached garage. *Evacuation tones sounded* Defensive operations at this time. Also have Brush Units operating for several spot fires. (BMD-DC51). 11:06a.m.

NORTH HANOVER (BURLINGTON Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* 306 Meaney Rd. Fire on the 1st floor with possible extension to basement. Fire is knocked down. M/A for cover. [EAN51/503]. 12:48p.m.

MARINE CITY, MI: 2nd Alarm Equiv. Meisner Rd, west of King. Fire on the 2nd floor of 2-story dwelling. All occupants out of house. M/A from 3 Departments and EMS on standby. (FNNM-MANY>358). 1:18p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: A 2-11 Alarm at 107th & Kedzie b/o Eng. 92. Reported as a gas leak & fire involving a backhoe & house. [CHGO6/24/150/151/204] (C). 1:52p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: A Level II Hazmat at the scene of the 2-11 Alarm at 107th & Kedzie. No fire in the structure. 5 lines working covering all exposures. All occupants accounted for. [CHGO6/7/23/24/150/151/204] (C). 2:19p.m.

ZION (LAKE Co.), IL: A 2nd Alarm on Box #18-1 @3110 Abbeywood for the working structure fire. [CHGO6/1/7/21/265] (C). 4:20p.m.

STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS IL (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: (delayed page) ESTLFD on scene of a house fire @ 1904 Piggott Ave. Red Cross has been requested for family assistance. NFI/ATT (STL 835). 5:43p.m.

STLFN: EAST ST. LOUIS (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on ESTLFD working fire @ 1904 Piggott Ave. Fire was in an Apartment complex (not a house) ENG Co. 424 is on scene. (STL 835). 5:46p.m.

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: (1645hrs) STLFD *1st Alarm* @ Lee & Newstead. Fire in a 2-story brick building. DC810 reports 2 big lines off & Master steams in operation. S/C for 2 additional Pumpers (27 & 24). [STL899]. 5:52p.m.

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's *1st Alarm* @ Lee & Newstead. Fire in a 2-story brick building. DC810 requests Warming Bus 888 & salt truck. Temp 20; wind chill is +5 degrees. [STL899]. 5:54p.m.

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's *1st Alarm+* @ Lee & Newstead. Fire in (2) 2-story brick buildings. DC810 reports fire knocked down in one bldg & Co.'s making an inside attack on the 2nd building. WC is +2 degrees. [STL899]. 6:53p.m.

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's 1st Alarm+* @ Lee & Newstead. Fire in (2) 2-sty brick buildings. DC810 reports fire knocked down in one bldg & Co.'s making an inside attack on the 2nd building. S/C P-8 for manpower. WC is +2 [STL899]. 6:53p.m.

ELIZABETH (UNION Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm sounded - 871 Elizabeth Ave. Fire in a 3-story Apartment over Commercial with extension to a similar. Sounds very DWH. [EAN44/EAN305]. 7:10p.m.

STLFN: BRECKENRIDGE HILLS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Community FPD *1st Alarm* @ the corner of Baltimore Rd & Wismer Ave. Fire in a house. At least 1 line off. S/C for 1 additional Pumper. [STL899]. 7:23p.m.

Update ELIZABETH (UNION Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm @ 871 Elizabeth Ave. Co.'s backing out of the original fire building. Putting Tower Ladders up. S/C Union FDs Ladder to the roof of the exposure building. EAN44/45 en-route. [EAN103/151/205/EAN305]. 7:33p.m.

STLFN: BRECKENRIDGE HILLS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Community FPD *2nd Alarm @ 2849 Wismer Ave x Baltimore Rd. Heavy fire in a house. At least 2 lines off. [STL899]. 7:38p.m.

STLFN: RIVERVIEW (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Riverview FPD *1st Alarm* @ 1222 Marquis Ct. Apartment building fire. Heavy fire on 2nd floor. E-4920 has 2 lines off. [STL966-vm/899]. 7:46p.m.

STLFN: WENTZVILLE (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: *1st Alarm* working flu fire @ 111 E. Maple. E-9813 on scene advises small fire. M06 has gone in service on the scene. [STL388]. 7:47p.m.

STLFN: RIVERVIEW (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Riverview FPD's *1st Alarm* @ 1222 Marquis Ct x Hwy 367. Apartment building fire. Command reports fire knocked down & under control. WC +4 degrees. [STL966-vm/899]. 7:51p.m.

STLFN: BRECKENRIDGE HILLS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Community FPDs *2nd Alarm* @ 2849 Wismer: E-4422 & 2710 responding to the 2nd Alarm. Also 5025 moving up to Community FPDs House 2. E-4422 is to report to Command with SCBAs. [STL388]. 7:52p.m.

STLFN: RIVERVIEW (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Riverview FPDs *1st Alarm* @ 1222 Marquis Ct. At the first 20 minute MARC, all Firefighters accounted for. No move-up to be made. [STL388]. 7:54p.m.

2nd Alarm - HENNIKER, NH: 2 Ramsdell Rd "The Henniker House." Building fire. Request for multiple M/A to the scene. *154.355*154.235* [TAC9-C57]. 7:59p.m.

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD P-13 is moving up to Community FPD's House #1. Also STLFD FAO has sent 2 Pumpers for plugging detail @ the 1st Alarm+ fire @ Lee & Newstead. Co.'s were picking up. [STL899]. 8:18p.m.

Update: 2nd Alarm - HENNIKER, NH: 2 Ramsdell Rd. "The Henniker House" Large 3-story wood frame bed & breakfast. Fire on the #2 floor now knocked down. Co.'s overhauling. Some M/A Co.'s returning. *154.355*154.235* [TAC9-C57]. 8:25p.m.

ELIZABETH, NJ: 2nd Alarm on arrival 166 Elmora Ave. Heavy fire in an occupied 2.5 story wood frame dwelling. Request additional M/A. [EAN10]. 8:27p.m.

Update ELIZABETH, NJ: 2nd Alarm @ 166 Elmora Ave. Fire in a row of occupied stores. [EAN10]. 8:33p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working house fire in the 4400 block of Page near Newstead. BC 805 reports a fire on the 2nd floor, 1 line off. PUMPERS: 28, 10, 17 & BC805. [STL819]. 9:37p.m.

HANOVER Co., VA: Working fire at 9116 Aroe Dr. (Co. 6 Henry). Fire in an unknown size dwelling. Chief 6-8 in command requesting TIC & Fire Marshal. Engines: 6, 10, Truck 10, Truck 6, Squad-10. [VFN102]. 10:27p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: All Hands Box 1253 @ W. 98th St. & Amsterdam Ave. Fire in an occupied multiple dwelling. Several apartments reporting smoke. Fire building is a 9-story 75x100 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire #1 floor. An additional Truck requested. Squad and Rescue were special called. [EAN2]. 10:32p.m.

Update HANOVER Co., VA: Working fire at 9116 Aroe Dr. Leaves burning outside extended up side of house & under the deck. Command marking situation under control. Attic clear. FM-5 en-route. Releasing Co.10 Units. [VFN102]. 10:43p.m.

DOVER TWP. (OCEAN Co.), NJ: 505 Martin *Boat fire* Trees fully involved close to a structure. [EAN12]. 10:54p.m.

Update DOVER TWP. (OCEAN Co.), NJ: 505 Martin. 30 craft fully involved. Exposure to a dock. Working off of 2 handlines at this time. [EAN12]. 11:01p.m.

CINCINNATI, OH: *2nd Alarm* Box-1361 for 1733 Central Ave. Dist-2 reports heavy fire from #3 floor of vacant 3-story multi-dwelling. Little progress being made. Fire DWH. [FPO/D605] (c). 11:27p.m.

NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: Box-1541 at 124 Schofield St. Working structure fire. Fire on the #2 floor kitchen of a 2.5-story private dwelling. [EAN38]. 11:59p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for February 26, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in early 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0318
Columbus: MVA/PIN 3200 Block of Citygate Dr. 2 car MVA with 1 pinned, & 1 in Police Custody. Cos: Eng 28, Med 28, 132 (Mifflin Twp), Res16cuE, EMS 14. FPO/D260

- 0339
Columbus: MVA/PIN 3200 Block of Citygate Dr. Extrication complete. Med 28 to Grant. 2 other victims in Police Custody. FPO/D260

- 1126
Lakewood (Cuyahoga): Level 1 Haz Mat 11821 Edgewood @ Berkshire Condos. Chemical reaction from mixing cleaning products. Westshore HMRT S/C'd. FPO/D703

- 1149
Cleveland: W/F 3650 West 48. Cos: Eng 4, 20, Lad 4, Squad 2, & BN 4. Eng 24 - Worker. Lad 42 - RIT. 2.5 sty house. FPO/700/D217

- 1228
Cleveland: W/F 5322 Fleet Ave. Cos: Eng 11, 13, Lad 11, Squad 1, & BN 2. Eng 9 - Worker. Lad 13 - RIT. Fire on 2nd floor of 2 sty brk apt bldg. FPO/700/D217

- 1513
Youngstown: W/F 1698 Mahoning Ave @ Bonanza Bar. Cos: Eng 3, 15, 7, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. Eng 3 reports smoke showing. FPO/D323

- 1518
Youngstown: Extra Company W/F 1698 Mahoning Ave @ Bonanza Bar. BN 2 requesting 2 extra engines. Eng 2, & 6 enroute. FPO/D323

- 1820
Upper Arlington (Franklin): W/F on McKenzie. Cos: Eng 71, 30 (Columbus), 11, Lad 72, 13, Res11cuE, Med 11, 73, EMS 17, BN 72, 7. FPO/233/D221

- 1826
Upper Arlington (Franklin): W/F on McKenzie. BN 72 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/233/D221

- 1950
Mansfield (Richland): W/F 580 Arlington x-st Marion. Cos: Eng 1, 2, Lad 1, Res 1, 3, Chief 3, Med 242 (Private Ambulance). FPO/D240

- 2000
Mansfield (Richland): Extra Company W/F 580 Arlington. 2 sty SFD. Chief 1 requesting extra engine. Eng 3 enroute. Hydrant problems. FPO/D240

- 2010
Mansfield (Richland): Extra Company W/F 580 Arlington. Chief 1 reports fire K/D. Holding Eng 1, Lad 1, Res 1. FPO/D240

- 2159
Warren (Trumbull): W/F 942 Hollywood NE. Eng 5 reports 2.5 sty house with fire in attic & thru the roof. Cos: Car 12, Squad 1, Lad 1, Eng 5. FPO/256/258/313/D703

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Philadelphia, Pa- 01-16-02

0937 Hours: Box#4595 58th & Delancey address of fire 5843 Spruce St-Church

Squrt 57, Engine 68 Engine 41, Pipeline 5, Ladder 13, Ladder 24, Battalion 7, Battalion 11

0940 Hours: Squrt 57 onscene reporting a 2 story church 25 x 50 medium smoke showing, placing 2 & 2 inservice.

0940 Hours: Medic 9 dispatched to the fireground.

0942 Hours: Battalion 7 onscene reports a 2 & 3 story church, 60 x 80, heavy fire 2nd floor on the B side, all hands are to go inservice.

0943 Hours: Deputy 1 and Rescue 1 are dispatched.

0945 Hours: Squrt 43 cover Pipeline 5 Pipeline 40 cover Engine 68, Snorkel 5 cover Ladder 13, Ladder 25 cover Ladder 24.

0946 Hours: Medic 23 and ES-4 are dispatched.

0949 Hours: Ladder 25 is Special Called.

0951 Hours: Battalion 7 reports they have heavy smoke showing, have water on the fire. Companies are in the interior, pulling ceilings.

1001 Hours: Battalion 7 reports they now have medium smoke showing. Companies are opening the roof and ceilings testing for hotspots.

1003 Hours: Pipeline 40 is Special Called.

1004 Hours: Medic 40 is dispatched.

1007 Hours: 2ND ALARM IS STRUCK.

Pipeline 3, Squrt 43, Engine 16, Engine 54,Snorkel 5, Battalion 1, Battalion 3, Battalion 4, Medic 14,

1014 Hours: Pipeline 19 cover Engine 41, Engine 45 cover Engine 16, Engine 24 cover Engine 68

1016 Hours: Battalion 7 reports fire knocked down 2nd floor, checking for any hot spots.

1027 Hours: Fire Under Control By Orders of Battalion 7.


Philadelphia Pa-2-10-02

1819 Hours: Box#2843 50th & Locust. Fire reported at 241 S. 49th St- the Croydon apts

Engine 68, Squrt 57, Pipeline 5, Engine 41,Ladder 13, Ladder 6, Battalion 7, Battalion 11

1822 Hours- Battalion 7 onscene and places 2 & 2 inservice, report to follow.

1828 Hours: Engine 1 cover Squrt 57, Ladder 23 cover Ladder 6

1830 Hours: Battalion 7 reports he has a 4/6/8 story apartment building with fire showing 4th floor, has all hands inservice

1831 Hours: Deputy 1, Rescue 1, and Ladder 23 (RIT) are dispatched.

1837 Hours: Battalion 7 reports companies are having trouble gaining entry, has visible fire showing from the 4th floor, still has all hands inservice.

1839 Hours: Pipeline 34 cover Pipeline 5.


Engine 1,Pipeline 34, Engine 16, Engine 44, Pipeline 40, Battalion 1, Battalion 3,Battalion 4, Tower Ladder 4, Ladder 11, Medic 23, Field Com 1

1853 Hours: Engine 35 cover Engine 41, Squrt 8 cover Squrt 57, Engine 53 cover Engine 68, Engine 2 cover Engine 44, Ladder 16 cover Ladder 6, Ladder 14 cover Ladder 13

1901 Hours: ES-4 (EMS SUPERVISOR), FM 3,Ladder 1 and Air Unit 1 are dispatched.

1905 Hours: 3rd Alarm is struck.

Engine 53, Squrt 8, Pipeline 20, Pipeline 49, Ladder 16, Battalion 8

1913 Hours: SA-1 is responding.

1915 Hours: Pipeline 28 cover Pipeline 20, Engine 47 cover Engine 68, Ladder 10 cover Ladder 1, Battalion 9 cover Battalion 11

1926 Hours: Battalion 7 rpts the building is a 4/6/8 sty 115 x 1/2 city block E shaped bldg. Companies are making good progress.



Philadelphia, Pa -2-22-02

2314 Hours: Box#4179 Rittenhouse & Morris Fire reported 5813 Morris st- an apt.

Pipeline 19, Squrt 9, Engine 59, Engine 35, Ladder 8, Ladder 21, Battalion 9, Battalion 2,Medic 4

2318 Hours: Battalion 9 onscene reporting a 3 sty block long x 50 ft deep,heavy fire 1st and 2nd floor center.

2319 Hours: 2nd Alarm is struck.

Engine 12, Engine 72, Engine 51, Pipeline 50, Pipeline 61, Tower Ladder 18, Battalion 8, Battalion 3, Battalion 10, Rescue 1, Deputy 2,Field Com 1

2323 Hours: Ladder 25 as the Rit Team, Medic 16,Medic 24 are responding

2327 Hours: Battalion 9 reports he has heavy fire 1st,2nd,3rd floor and thru-the roof. All companies are inservice.

2328 Hours: Engine 37 cover Squrt 9, Pipeline 20 cover Engine 35, Pipeline 28 cover Engine 72, Engine 14 cover Engine 51, Snorkel 28 cover Ladder 8, Ladder 9 cover Ladder 25

2331 Hours: Medic 18 is dispatched.

2337 Hours: 3rd Alarm is struck

Engine 37, Engine 16,Pipeline 20, Pipeline 28,Ladder 9, Battalion 12

2348 Hours: SA-1 is responding

2350 Hours: Engine 73 cover Squrt 9, Pipeline 34 cover Engine 59, Engine 24 cover Engine 35, Ladder 11 cover Ladder 25

2353 Hours: Battalion 9 reports from Deputy 2 companies are on side of fire entire roof open, making good progress

0009 Hours: Fire Under Control by orders of Battalion 9

Chris Masi
Phila. Second Alarmers



Cincinnati Fire Department
Media Release

Media Contact: District Chief Howard Reed
Phone: 352-2311

Date: 2/25/2002
Time: 8:30 PM

Good evening this District Chief Howard Reed from District 1 of the Cincinnati Fire Department reporting on an incident that occurred on the Ohio River. Cincinnati Fire Companies were dispatched for a person in the river at 8:30 p.m. on 2/25/02.

Upon our arrival, we noticed that Covington Fire Department was on the scene, but on the Covington side of the river. We made contact with Covington Fire to ascertain what they had, and how we could assist them. We received a report that there was a victim in the river, and that he had jumped from the Suspension Bridge. They also reported that they had been in verbal contact with the victim and that a life vest had been tossed to him. It was also stated that he refused to use the vest.

Cincinnati Fire Boat #3 with five Firefighters aboard aggressively attempted to rescue the victim. He had been under the water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes before their arrival. After trying for about 30 to 45 minutes they were able to pull a White male, age 32 to the Covington shore, after which they turned the victim's body over to their Rescue Unit.

For any additional information contact District Chief Howard Reed at 352-2311 or The Covington Fire Department.

Robert Becker,


4-4 526 2/25/02 JERSEY CITY, NJ:

For the fourth time in the past four weeks, Jersey City fire fighters battled a 4th Alarm fire. Previous blazes were all in the 3rd Battalion, but the action on February 25, 2002 shifted south to an industrial area near the Hackensack River in Battalion 4's district.

Box 526 was struck at 1553 hours for numerous calls reporting a fire in a trucking terminal at Duncan Ave. and Route 1-9. Battalion 4, Batt. Chief Kevin Stewart, reported heavy smoke as he was leaving quarters at Duncan and Bergen Avenues and transmitted the Working Fire as he headed down the hill. Upon arriving, Chief Stewart reported a one and two story trucking terminal 100' x 450' with the front one third heavily involved. A 2nd Alarm was transmitted at 1558 followed by a 3rd Alarm two minutes later. Meanwhile, a few miles east, Box 697 was transmitted for 567 Montgomery St. at the same time. Arriving units reported heavy smoke on the upper floors of a 10 story fire resistive public housing project. Batt. 2, Batt. Chief Robert Cobb (now the only available chief officer in the city) ordered an additional engine and truck to this Box. That fire was confined to the compactor chute.

On Duncan Ave., Deputy Chief Martin McNulty assumed command and ordered Tower Ladder 4 special called to the 3rd Alarm. Exterior operations were mandated due to the heavy volume of fire, lightweight truss roof construction and limited access to the property. The structure, located at 418 Duncan Ave., is on a street that dead ends into the Hackensack River. The south side of the street is an undeveloped section of Lincoln Park. To the north is an open area that was the site of the notorious PJP Landfill, where an underground fire had smoldered for years until the oil rig firefighting specialist, Boots and Coots, was contracted to extinguish that fire in the early 1980's. No other structures were endangered, but 24 40' long trailers parked at the terminal's loading docks were destroyed.

Special calls brought additional companies to attempt to draft from the Hackensack River to the west. Engine companies approached through the landfill area to bring water to the rear of the fire building, where brush fires were ignited. A combination of treacherous terrain and tide conditions thwarted that attempt. A 4th Alarm was struck at 1708 as units deployed two ladder pipes, two tower ladders and numerous handlines to bring the fire under control at 1840 hours. Some 24 hours later, companies are continuing to extinguish hot spots in the rubble.

While this fire raged, Batt. Chief Cobb kept mutual aid companies busy answering many other alarms including two structural fires that required full first alarm (4 engines & 2 ladders) assignments at Box 957, 122 Randolph Ave. and Box 858, 117 Wade St.

The Fire Investigation Unit determined that the fire was accidental in origin. Fire apparently ignited while employees were welding metal on a damaged overhead door on the west side loading dock. Employees of the company, Jay Dee Trucking, reportedly made a futile attempt to fight the fire themselves without notifying the Fire Department. Jay Dee, which employed 100 people, was formerly located on Fayette Ave. in the same neighborhood and had only recently moved into this location.

This was the 18th and longest run of 2002 for the Gong Club's new canteen unit, which operated for 7 and one half hours, dispensing 9 gallons of coffee, 15 gallons of cold beverages, 6 gallons of hot chocolate, 3 gallons of soup and 150 hamburgers.

Rundown as follows:

1553 Box 526 418 Duncan Ave.
Eng. Co. 9-15-17-4 Lad. Co. 9-11 Res. Co. 1
Batt. 4
1554 WF 526 Eng. Co. 7 Lad. Co. 7 MSU Div. 1, Batt. 1 Car 20-30
1558 2-2 526 Eng. Co. 10-8-5 Tower Ladder 6 Car 3-26
1601 3-3 526 Eng. Co. 11-22 Lad. Co. 3 Batt. 3
1601 Box 697 567 Montgomery St.
Eng. Co. 2-6 Lad. Co. 2 Batt. 2
1605 S/C 526 Tower Ladder 4
1612 S/C 697 Eng. Co. 13 Lad. Co. 12
1638 S/C 526 Eng. Co. 6
1645 S/C 526 Eng. Co. 14 - North Hudson Eng. Co. 7
1708 4-4 526 Eng. Co. 13 - Kearny Eng. Co. 4 North Hudson Lad. Co. 2
North Hudson Batt. 1, Safety 1, MSU and Car 5 also responded
1812 S/C 526 Eng. Co. 18

Paul Schaetzle



for February 26th:

1887: 3 Alarms - Box#414 - 0644hrs - Baltimore & Howard Sts - Downtown West - National Automatic Alarm #89 sounded for a fire in the Darby Company, a 5 story iron front building with mansard roof - The building was stocked with sugar & candies, & was burning furiously - The fire started in the basement & swept up the elevator shaft with terrific speed - In a short time the building was on fire from cellar to roof - Captain Frederick Marston, Hook & Ladder #2, sounded the 2nd & 3rd alarms from Box#414 @ once - As the firefighters battled to save the surrounding buildings, it was noticed that the top of the burning building was shaking in the breeze - Word was passed along to keep clear, when suddenly the entire building came tumbling down with a tremendous crash - Only 17 minutes after the sounding of the 1st alarm, the building was destroyed - Captain Marston thought that several of his men were under the debris & was forcefully restrained from plunging into the red hot ruins after them - The rumor proved unfounded as the men were on the adjacent rooftop, holding on to the chimney for dear life - Afterwards, Captain Marston's nerves went to pieces, what with his ladder truck turning over before his eyes killing 3 of his men @ a previous fire, & then this building crashing down in front of him - He went into decline & died on 8/22 - He was a member of the Department for 17 years. (TUH)

1913: Box#241 - 2110hrs - Hillen St, Near Front St - Old Town (Northeast Of Downtown) - Fire involved a 3 story brick dwelling - Captain James J. Reynolds, E-32, rushed into the burning dwelling with the hose line & several minutes later he staggered to the front door where he collapsed , then fell out on the sidewalk, dead - He was 55 years old with 23 years of service with BCFD - He was buried in New Cathedral Cemetery on 2/28. (TUH*CHM1)

1917: The Salvage Corps opened it's #3 Station, southwest corner of Gold & Brunt Sts, Druid Heights (Northwest Of Downtown). (TUH)

1941: Baltimore County: Tragedy struck the Towson Fire Station as an apparatus accident resulted in the critical injuries to Captain Linwood Brookhart - The Captain remained hospitalized until his death on or about 3/10 - E-10 (the 2nd Engine @ Station #1) was responding to a field fire in Ruxton - As the engine proceeded westbound on Pennsylvania Ave it collided with a car as it moved north through the intersection @ Washington Ave - Captain Brookhart was riding in the front seat of the American LaFrance pumper - (2) firefighters & the passenger of the car received minor injuries - Later that same year the (2) engines from Towson collided @ Aigburth & York Rds while enroute to a fire - Firefighter Eddie Kelley broke both legs in several places - He never returned to duty & retired on 7/16/1943 - The death of Captain Brookhart was not entered in the station journal & there was no mention of apparatus or personnel attending his funeral. (TTFD*HHAE)

1952: E-10 relocated into their new quarters on the northeast corner of Chesapeake Ave & Childs St, Fairfield (South Baltimore) - It is a 2 story brick building costing $142,000 & having (2) doors for the exit of apparatus - On the same day, Hose Co #4 was disbanded (Organized 1/1/1921) & the Officers & Members were used to organize & place in active service, T-28, in the new quarters of E-10 - T-28's 1st Captain & Lieutenant were Arthur P. Brown & Tod N. Hancock, respectively, from Hose Co#4 - T-28 received former #14 City Service Ladder Truck on a 1917 Mack AC Chassis, rebuilt in 1941 - E-10 & T-28 were both disbanded & combined to form Aerial Tower #128 on 6/6/1986, receiving a new Sutphen Quint w/a 100' Tower - AT-128 was disbanded on 7/19/2000 - The station is now know as the "Foam Depot" where the Foam Tender, a converted White fuel truck which now carries foam concentrate, & foam concentrate is stored - Chemical Co#2 was also stationed here until they were moved to E-57 & then disbanded on 11/13/1981. (TUH*CHM2)

1954: T-29 was placed in active service (Organized 2/8/1954) in new quarters with E-4 on the southeast corner of Cold Spring Ln & Arlington Ave. (TUH*CHM2)

1959: Baltimore County: A pair of real pros attempted to crack the safe @ the Brook's Buick automobile dealership located @ York Rd & Washington Ave - The burglars used an oxy-acetylene cutting torch from the business's repair shop in their attempt to access the safe - Instead of getting the goods the pair started a fire that caused between $20,000 to $30,000 in damages. (TTFD)

1967: 6 Alarms - Box#381 - 1501 N Gilmor St - Sandtown (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved Public School #108. (CHM1)

1975: 5 Alarms - Box#8123 - 1800hrs - 1600-1650 Clough St - Clifton Park (Northeast Of Downtown) - Fire involved the long & narrow, corrugated metal storage buildings of the E. L. Stebbing's Supply Company - The buildings were on fire from end to end, as flames & thick clouds of black smoke shot high in the sky from the burning tarpaper stored in the building - BC-3, Leonard J. Heywood, Jr., radioed for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th alarms by 1805hrs - Acting DC James H. Barnes, BC-9, ordered the 5th alarm sounded @ 1813hrs - The intensely hot blaze was quickly contained by ladder pipes & a dozen hand lines held by firefighters who surrounded the 1 story sheds - When police, who feared for the safety of a large crowd who were standing on the Baltimore & Ohio tracks, began to push them back to safety, they were greeted by stones & rock ballast thrown @ them - Fire Commissioner Howard R. Owen was struck by rocks & he radioed a "Signal 40" call for all available police to quell the miniature riot - With flying rocks & bottles plunking all around the firefighters they threatened to turn the hoses on the unruly gang - Firefighter Edgar W. DeCoursey, T-5, dropped in his tracks & was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, were he suffered another heart attack & was anoited by Chaplain Father Joseph F. Martel, who had ridden with the patient in the ambulance - (4) boys were arrested & charged with arson after witnesses told of seeing them flee from the burning building shortly before the fire - (6) other boys who were caught by police who chased them into Clifton Park, were charged with inciting a riot - Firefighter DeCoursey recovered nicely & was reassigned to the Communications Division. (TUH)

1993: 2 Alarms + Task Force(E-6, Aerial Tower#111, & T-4) - 0141hrs - Box#887 - 2111 Garrison Blvd - Walbrook Junction (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved a 3rd floor apartment in a 4 story apartment building - Over a dozen residents were evacuated & no injuries were reported. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



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Cincinnati Fire Memorabilia Auction & Fire Flea Market

March 8, 2002-Cincinnati, Ohio. Annual fire memorabilia auction at the Mad Max Bingo Hall, 1820 Central Parkway in Cincinnati. Preview begins at 6:00 p.m.; auction gets under way at 7:00 p.m. Contact Howard Kuhnell 513-782-0054 or email howdi@fuse.net. Moses Crane 8" house gong, Woodhaven Queens NY volunteer leather helmets and shields, leather "War Baby" helmet; Pettibone Cincinnati helmet; alarm equipment, badges, lanterns, paper goods, etc. are available in the auction. There is a list of photo links of some of the items on the Youngstown FD Message board. You can view the listing at: AUCTION ITEMS When additional photos of items become available, they will also be listed at this location, so please check back.

March 9, 2002-Cincinnati, Ohio. 11th annual indoor fire memorabilia flea market sponsored by the Miles Greenwood Society (the Southwest Ohio Chapter of SPAAMFAA). 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. which is also held at the Mad Max Bingo Hall. Set up March 8 from 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. and Saturday morning after 8:00 a.m. Lots of fire department items both old and new. Admission $2.00. Contact Steve Hagy at stemel@fuse.net.


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