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    Default Flashover projects

    We're looking to build/purchase a flashover project, would like for anyone who has one to email and let me know any information that would be helpful, advantages to different types of projects, disadvantages, price, etc. Thanks, Fritz dchieftrng@msn.com

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    There is one Community College in North Carolina that has a Swedish Flashover Simulator on campus. You can try to contact them to get more information about their set up. It is portable and they take it all over the state for training.

    Good Luck!


    When you contact them, you need to talk to Phil Welch. He is the coordinator for the school.
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    Default Flashover Training

    Fritz, I'm not sure if you are looking for just flashover training but you may want to get in touch with Tom Zurflueh at North Tree Fire. They have a mobile unit that does multiple structural fires including flashover.

    Tom can be reached at edu@northtreefire.com. or www.northtreefire.com.

    Good Luck

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    Default Flashover..

    I looked into what was availble a few years back... choose to go with the Fireblast unit. Its about a third of the cost for a Swedish but is different. There are a number of places out there with these units or you could always build one your self. We continued with the idea and build (well in the process of using the shipping containers to make a 700 sf singel family dwelling. 2 bedrooms, bath, water heater room, living roon, kitchen and one car garage

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