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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

· STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Lemay FPD has a working house fire next to 9828 S. Broadway. 1st Pumper reported flames in the basement windows laying a line. PUMPERS: 1610, 1614, 1722, Chief 1600 & St. Louis city Pumper-34, Abbot Ambulance. House is vacant. [STL819]. 4:34a.m.

· STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update on Lemay FPD's 1st Alarm at correct address 9816 S. Broadway. Command has requested both utilities to the scene. [STL819]. 4:56a.m.

· STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update on Lemay FPD's 1st Alarm at 9816 S. Broadway. Command reports fire is under control. [STL819]. 5:09a.m.

· STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update on Lemay FPD's 1st Alarm at 9816 S. Broadway. 1 Firefighter was transported to the hospital with unspecified injuries. County Highway Department has been requested for a salt truck. Command has struck out the Alarm with all equipment in service. [STL819]. 6:53a.m.

· BRONX 75-3318 at 2411 Walton Ave near 184 St. 3-story brick 20x40. Fire 1st floor. All fire knocked down. Primary search negative other than (4) 10-45 Code-2 (critical injuries). Fire is PWH. DIV7. [MNS-30*IAP] * 8:36a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – READING, MA: Box-63 vicinity 187 Lowell Street. Reported heavy smoke showing from a 2.5-story dwelling. Mutual Aid in – DWH. *483.4125/483.2875* [TAC9-C20]. 12:53p.m.

· CHICAGO, IL: 2-11 Alarm fire and EMS Plan I @ 9029 S. Exchange b/o 2-2-6. 3-story brick with fire on all three floors. [CHGO-1/234+]. 1:08p.m.

· ERIE COUNTY, PA: MVA/MCI on I-90 between Exit 5 & 8. Numerous MVA’s in area. 100+ vehicles, 40 semis involved. At least 5 tools working. At least 1 DOA. I-90 closed between Exit 5 & 8. [FPO/801/D703] (C). 1:11p.m.

· RIVERTON (SANGAMON Co.), IL: Structure fire @ 1236 N. Oak Lane Road. *Riverton Community Trailer Park.* Units on scene have heavy smoke showing – request M/A from Dawson FD. [CIFN*1]. 7:26p.m.

· STLFN: ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS (MADISON Co.), IL: Rosewood Heights FD has a fire in a house @ 803 Rosedale. All occupants have evacuated residence. NFI. [STL878]. 8:22p.m.

· STLFN: COLLINSVILLE (MADISON Co.), IL: Collinsville FD on scene of a house fire on Teckla Lane x LaSalle. Engine 15 reports heavy smoke showing in rear of building. Truck 14 sending manpower to front of building. (STL 835). 9:25p.m.

· STLFN: COLLINSVILLE (MADISON Co.), IL: Update on Collinsville FD’s working fire on Teeckla Lane. A 5" line being laid. There is now heavy fire in the back of the house. (STL 835). 9:29p.m.

· STLFN: JEFFERSON Co., MO: Springdale FPD has a working structure fire at 322 Mount Everest. They have at least 1 line off. Command reports they have a fire in the bathroom. [STL819]. 10:00p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – BERWICK, ME: Hall Brothers Roofing on Rochester Street. Reported a large 2-story Commercial building - heavily involved. Mutual Aid in. C101 [TAC9-C20]. 10:21p.m.

· MFN: HARFORD Co., MD: Box 914 (Darlington). Dwelling fire at 4831 Conowingo Rd. Chief 9-2 advising heavy smoke showing. [MFN-124/MFN JZ]. 11:06p.m.

· Working fire – BENNINGTON, NH: 326 North Bennington Road. Reported structure fire. [TAC9-C519]. 11:18p.m.

· ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: **2nd Alarm Equiv.** Mulch pile at Harmony Acres Lane & Orchard Way. (Co.#19 - Cape St. Claire). Have a 200x75 circular mulch pile. (4) additional Tankers, (3) additional Engines & Anne Arundel Alarmers requested. Mutual Aid from US Naval Academy & Queen Anne's Co. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 11:45p.m.

· MFN-Final: HARFORD Co., MD: Box 914 (Darlington) Dwelling fire @ 4831 Conowingo Road. Command advising fire under control. Request Medic Unit for possible smoke inhalation victim. [MFN-214/MFN JZ-]. 11:51p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for February 27, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in early 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0012
Cincinnati: W/F Box # 1361 @ 1716 Central Ave. Dist 2 reports heavy fire on 3rd floor of 3 sty brk apt bldg. Cos: Eng 29, 5, 14, Trk 29, 14, Dist 2. Eng 17 - RIT. Dist 1, & Res 14 OTW. FPO/D605 ©

- 0026
Cincinnati: *2nd Alarm* Box # 1361 @ 1716 Central Ave. Dist 2 reports heavy fire on 3rd floor of 3 sty brk apt bldg. DWH. FPO/D605 ©

- 0030
East Cleveland: W/F East 135 & Shaw. House fire. M/A Cleveland Heights. FPO/D703 ©

- 0037
Cincinnati: *2nd Alarm* Box # 1361 @ 1716 Central Ave. Defensive Mode. 2nd Alarm Cos: Eng 19, 3, 21, Trk 21, Squad 52, MAC 1, Res 2, Car 3, & Trk 17 with the Light Plant. FPO/D605 ©

- 0042
Cincinnati: *2nd Alarm* Box # 1361 @ 1716 Central Ave. Dist 2 reports still heavy fire on 3rd floor. Making little progress. DWH. FPO/D605 ©

- 0114
Willoughby (Lake): W/F Unknown location. Garage fire. Recall Off-Duty FFs to stations. FPO/D703 ©

- 0117
Willoughby (Lake): W/F 5062 Strawberry. Fully Involved Garage Fire. Recall Off-Duty FFs to scene. FPO/D703 ©

- 0118
Cincinnati: **2nd Alarm* Box # 1361 @ 1716 Central Ave. Dist 2 reports bulk of fire K/D. Holding all companies for several hours for S & O. Dist 2 requesting Arson & Public Works for Salt Truck. FPO/D605 ©

- 0207
East Cleveland: W/F 1436 East 135. Large 2.5 sty house with fire thru the roof. 1 L/P & numerous H/L S/O. Exposure problems. FPO/703/D700* ©

- 0948
Miamisburg (Montgomery): (Delayed from 0745) W/F 1528 Hollyhill. Structure fire. M/A Miami Twp for Medic & West Carrollton for engine. FPO/D320 ©

- 1104
Bay Village (Cuyahoga): *Rescue Run* on Wolf Rd Just West of Cahoon Rd. Tree down on top of occupied truck. M/A Westlake Squad. FPO/D703 ©

- 1124
Bay Village (Cuyahoga): *Rescue Run* on Wolf Rd Just West of Cahoon Rd. Victims still being extricated. MLF put on stand-by for possible victims. FPO/D703 ©

- 1321
Perry Hi-Way, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN I-90 & Peach St. Multiple vehicles involved with entrapments. Cos: Squad 76, 79, 64 (McKean), Res74cuE, Eng 63, DC 421. FPO/D801 ©

- 1331
Perry Hi-Way, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN/MCI I-90 between Exit 5 & 6. Reported 100 vehicles involved. Add Res38cuE (Belle Valley), Ambo 8, 28, S-20, EMS 36, 45. FPO/D801 ©

- 1335
Kearsarge, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN Peach St & Grandview. Cos: Eng 442, Med 2, Ambo 14. FPO/D801 ©

- 1339
Erie County, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN/MCI I-90 between Exit 5 & 6. At least 4 tools working. S/C Erie Eng 6 for their tool. S-20 (EMS Supervisor) setting up EMS command @ I-90 & Rt 97. FPO/D801 ©

- 1345
Erie County, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN I-90 @ Cherry St Underpass. EMS 45 reports 1 class 2 pinned. Eng 63, EMS 45 working. FPO/D801 ©

- 1352
Erie County, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN/MCI I-90 between Exit 5 & 6. 40 Semis involved. 1 Class 5 (DOA). FPO/D801 ©

- 1358
Erie County, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN I-90 @ Cherry St Underpass. Add Eng 443 & Squad 447 to that card. Long delays. Multiple MVAs in area. FPO/D801 ©

- 1444
Erie County, PA: MVA/MCI I-90 between Exit 5 & 8. Erie AC 325 is Incident Command, Perry Hi-Way DC 421 is Rescue Command, Erie EMS Supervisor S 20 is EMS Command. Command Post established at Applebees at RT 19 & I-90. Stating areas at RT 19 & I-90 and RT 8 & I-90. FPO/801/D703 ©

- 1653
Cleveland: W/F 7903 Neville Ave. BN 3 reports a 2.5 sty house with top floor well involved. Cos: Eng 23, 24, Lad 24, Squad 2, & BN 3. Eng 33 - Worker. Lad 4 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 2156
Garfield Heights (Cuyahoga): MVA/TRAUMA 10121 Broadway. Single car MVA. Car vs Pole. Cos: Eng 2, RS 2, 1. MLF # 1 (31219) S/C'd to meet units at Marymount ER. Return to MHMC. FPO/D703 ©

- 2254
Sycamore Twp (Hamilton): *MVA* I-71 NB @ 14.1 MM. HCSO Car 9-Sam-22 just struck by an auto. Deputy has neck injury & operator of striking vehicle has facial injuries. Cos: Quint 92, Med 92, Squad 89. FPO/D605 ©

- 2304
Sycamore Twp (Hamilton): *Extra Company MVA* I-71 NB @ 14.1 MM. Add Res 92 & Med 93 to the card. HCSO Deputy was in vehicle when it was struck. I-71 NB down to 1 lane. FPO/D605 ©

- 2318
Sycamore Twp (Hamilton): *Extra Company MVA* I-71 NB @ 14.1 MM. Command req M/A Med 73 to scene. Med 92, 93, 73 transporting to Jewish Hospital. Squad 89 OOS due to mechanical problems. Quint 92 & Res 92 still on scene for clean-up & fluid mitigation. FPO/D605 ©

- 2322
Basil JFD (Fairfield): *MVA/FATAL* on Blacklick Rd. CH 610, Med 610, 611, Res610cuE, Eng 610. S/C Violet Twp. CH 590, Res592cuE, Med 592, Photo 599 and MedFlight # 1 (117MK). Truck vs. pole and trees. 3 victims pinned 25 mins. Helo to Grant w/ trauma arrest. FPO/D249* ©

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Additional information from the MVA/MCI in Erie County, PA:

Total of 12 Ambulances (2 from EmergyCare, 3 from Milldreek Paramedics, 7 from County FDs), 2 Rescue Companies, 2 Rescue-Pumpers, 4 Engine Companies.

13 victims transported. 6 to Hamot Medical Center (3 critical), 4 to Saint Vincents (1 juvenile), 3 to Millcreek. 1 DOA.

Compiled from FPO/D800 & FPO/D801



Hartford Citywide Radio Association Incident Log


Providence, RI /10-75/ 291 Chad Brown St 2wdfr OMD fire 2nd flr 09:50

Springfield, MA /10-31/ I-91 SB under I-291 a tractor trailer rollover 09:53

Springfield, MA /10-30/ Myrtle St and State St an apt bldg fire contained by sprinklers (1) 10-45 Code 2 (burns) EMS req 11:53

New London, CT /10-75/ 7 Griswold Crt 3.5wdfr dwelling fire 3rd flr 13:27

Waterbury, CT /10-31/ 201 Thomaston Ave 2 cars 1 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) pinned 14:24

Narragansett, RI /2nd Alarm equiv/ Sweet Meadows Crt 2wdfr heavy fire 2nd flr 16:52


Wethersfield, CT /10-75/ 192 Morgan Cir 1wdfr dwelling 11:11

Cromwell, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ I-91 NB at Rt9 (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 13:25

Branford, CT /10-31/ Cedar St and Brushy Plain Rd 2 car (2) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) add’l EMS req 13:35

Clinton, CT /10-75/ Uncas Rd 2wdfr dwelling 13:41

Johnston, RI /10-75/ 1334 Atwoods Ave a barn fire 21:22

Hartford, CT /2nd Alarm/ 115 Irving St 3wdfr a basement fire extended all flr thru the walls 21:36


Bernardston, MA /2nd Alarm/ 1 Brattleboro Rd unk type bldg NFI 06:07

New Britain, CT /10-75/ 169 Washington St occ 3wdfr heavy fire 07:18

New Haven, CT /10-31/ I-91 near Exit 4 a rollover 08:56

Bristol, CT /10-75/ 122 Redstone Hill Rd 1.5wdfr a basement fire 11:18

Meriden, CT /2nd Alarm/ 43 Kensington Ave 2.5wdfr NFI 13:08

Ledyard, CT /10-75/ Shoeville Rd a barn fire NFI 13:20

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 377 Woodland St vacant 3brk NFI 15:12

Canterbury, CT /10-75/ 11 North Canterbury Rd a barn 20:23


West Hartford, CT /10-75/ 28 Rockledge Rd 1.5wdfr fire in the basement 09:26

New Haven, CT /2nd Alarm/ 123 Ogden St 2.5brk dwelling 09:35

Providence, RI /10-30/ Freese St outside fire extended to unk type bldg 11:41

West Brookfield, MA /2nd Alarm equiv/ 186 Shea Rd a dwelling (2) 10-45’s unk codes NFI 15:33

Newington, CT /10-31/ Main St and Hartford Ave 4 pinned (3) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) (2) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) 16:24

New Haven, CT /10-75/ 326 Greenwich Ave vacant 2brk garage 16:50

Willimantic, CT /10-31/ 215 Main St car vs pedestrian (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 18:16

Woonsocket, RI /10-75/ Florence Dr “Florence Dye Works” fire 1st flr extended to 2nd flr 18:55

Newington, CT /10-31/ Rt5 and Kitts St NFI 19:32

Johnston, RI /10-75/ 31 Oakdale Ave 1brk auto repair shop 21:27


Hartford, CT /10-75/ Windsor St near Sanford St 2wdfr 01:25

West Warwick, RI /10-75/10-80/55 Greenhill St chemical fire in an industrial bldg area evac’d add’l Engine and DEM req 04:13

Salem, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt85 an ATV accident (1) 10-45 Code 2 (serious/pediatric) 14:53

Granby, CT /10-31/ Mountain Rd by East Hartland town line 18:07

Naugatuck, CT /10-31/ 25 Union City Rd motorcycle vs truck (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 18:12

Hartford, CT /10-31/ I-91 NB near Exit 27 tractor trailer vs car 18:11

Burlington, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Punch Brook Rd a rollover with ejection 21:33

New Hartford, CT /10-31/ Holcomb Hill Rd and Prospect St NFI 21:43


Columbia, CT /10-75/ 487 Route 87A occ 2wdfr dwelling a basement fire 01:03

Cranston, RI /10-75/ 33 Glen Hills Dr unk type bldg NFI 03:45

Hamden, CT /10-47/ Mount Carmel Ave “Sleeping Giant State Park” high angle rescue 13:28

Providence, RI /10-75/ 1820 Westminster Ave 4wdfr fire 2nd flr 15:07

New Haven, CT /10-75/ 42 Rockview Cir 2brk NFI 15:23

Manchester, CT /10-31/ Garden Grove Dr behind Nike site off road motorcycle accident prolonged extrication (1) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) 16:43

New Haven, CT /10-75/ 124 Hallock Ave 2.5wdfr NFI 17:06

Bridgeport, CT /10-75/ 173 Calhoun St occ 3wdfr fire 3rd flr with rescues made 21:59


Hartford, CT /10-30/ 92 Warrenton Ave occ 2.5wdfr fire 2nd flr kitchen 00:11

Hartford, CT /2nd Alarm on Arrival/ 928 Park St 3brk well involved with exposure problems 05:00

Mansfield, CT /10-75/ Holly La 2.5wdfr NFI 09:11

Waterbury, CT /10-30/ 473 Bucks Hill Rd unk type bldg NFI 11:46

Farmington, CT /10-31/ 99 Scott Swamp Rd add’l Heavy Rescue and Engine req 15:37

Burrilville, RI /2nd Alarm/ 775 Wallum Lake Rd a 2.5wdfr dwelling NFI 18:19

West Hartford, CT /10-30/ Garfield Rd occ 2wdfr 18:17

New Haven, CT /2nd Alarm/ 1576 Ella Grasso Blvd 3wdfr heavy fire all flrs 22:08

Providence, RI /10-75/ 1820 Westminster St 4wdfr OMD fire 3rd flr (scene of previous fire on 2-23) 22:36

HCRA Website: http://www.hartfordcitywide.com


London Fire Brigade Daily Report

23 Feb 02

1929 F21 Stratford 6 PUMP FIRE, CYLINDERS REPORTED, HP & HLL REQUESTED at TT Taxis, Unit 9, Leyton Rd Industrial Estate, range of 4 1-sty factory units 60m x 20m, fire in one unit 15m x 20m contained w/o extension, using 3 jets, thermal imaging camera, Hydruaulic Platform, Hose Laying Lorry, 45kg acetylene, argon and oxygen cylinders involved.

0209 F39 Hornchurch Persons reported fire at 115 Norman Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 8m x 5m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 710

24 Feb 02

0843 G39 Feltham 4 pump fire/special service at Unit 8, Radius Park, St Theresa's Rd, Isopropoxyethanol leak, liquid contained and bagged, decon.

1517 F31 Kingsland 4 pump fire at Flat 49, De Beauvoir Estate on St. Martin's Court, 6th flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel.

0226 H43 Twickenham 4 pump fire at 113 Chertsey Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 6m x 12m, heavy fire 2nd flr thru the roof using 2 hosereels.

0449 H43 Twickenham Persons reported fire (fatal) at 36 York St, 2nd flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation, 1 civilian DOA.

0618 F32 Stoke Newington 4 pump fire at 69A Lampard Grove, 1-sty bungalow 4m x 12m fully involved, using 2 hosereels, thermal imaging camera.

Run for the day: 757

25 Feb 02
No Report

26 Feb 02

1425 A33 Tottenham 3 pump fire at 15 Birstall Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 12m, heavy fire 2nd flr using 2 hosereels, 4 civilians w/smoke inhalation.

2003 A30 Islington Persons reported fire at Flat 20, Selkirk House on Bingfield St, 4th flr apartment fire using 2 hosereels, 1 civilian rescued.

2119 H32 Norbury Persons reported fire at 874 London Rd, 3rd flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 550

27 Feb 02

1828 F42 Ilford Persons reported fire at 14 Empress Ave, 2nd flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, thermal imaging camera, 1 civilian rescued w/burns & smoke inhalation.

2124 A31 Holloway 4 pump fire at 43 Holloway Rd, 3-sty factory 20m x 20m, fire involving scaffolding and plywood cladding from 1st flr to roof, using 1 jet & 2 hosereels.

2338 E29 Lee Green 4 pump fire at 164 Burnt Ash Hill, 3-sty private dwelling 10m x 10m, roof fire using 1 jet & 1 hosereel.

Runs for the day: 595
Runs for the year: 39512




Cincinnati Fire Department
Media Release

Media Contact: District Chief Ron Davis
Media Phone: 352-2322
Date: 2/27/2002
Time: 12:04 AM

This is Cincinnati Fire District 1 Chief Steven Phillips reporting on a two alarm fire tonight in Over the Rhine. A vacant building at 1716 Central Avenue was heavily involved in fire when firefighters arrived shortly after midnight at 12:04 AM. It took about two hours for forty firefighters to extinguish the fire which was made difficult by the dilapidated condition of the building. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Fortunately no one was injured fighting the fire. The monetary loss has not been determined at this time.

For further information contact Chief Ron Davis at 352-2322.

Robert Becker,


District 3

Media Contact:
District Fire Chief Randal Freel 352-2333
District Fire Chief Edward Dadosky 352-2316
Date: 02/27/02
Time: 08:38 a.m.

Good Afternoon,

This is Cincinnati Fire District 3 Chief Randal T. Freel Sr. reporting on an over turned tank truck, which occurred at 4650 Spring Grove Avenue at 08:38 AM on 02/27/02.

Fire personnel were dispatched for an over turned tank truck. Once on the scene Fire Engine Company 38 confirmed that a tank truck had over turned and requested additional resources.

The tank truck was hauling 4850 gallons of a flammable liquid; the liquid was actually a mixed load containing paints, thinners, and oils. The content was considered a waste product.

Fire companies evacuated nearby buildings, and had traffic stopped in all directions. Sewers were diked to contain runoff if needed, the rail line in the rear of the property was shut down because of concern that runoff my enter the creek along side the railroad tracks, rail traffic was resumed once the product was contained.

The product was pumped from the over turned tanker into an empty tank truck. Once the product was removed, three wreckers brought the tanker to the upright position. The tanker was then removed from the scene. The product was contained and removed without incident. District Chief Edward Dadosky of the Environmental Crimes Unit is investigating the incident.

There were 23 fire personnel utilized at this incident. Firefighters were on the scene for approximately five hours. There were no injuries to civilians or fire personnel.

For additional information concerning this incident you can contact District 3 Fire Chief Randal Freel at 352-2333 or contact the Environmental Crimes Unit's District Chief Edward Dadosky at 352-2316.


Fredrick A. Prather

Fredrick A. Prather, District Fire Chief
Cincinnati Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau
430 Central Avenue Cincinnati,
Ohio 45202-2642
Phone: (513) 357-7595, Fax: (513) 357-7579




for February 27th:

1966: 5 Alarms - Box#746 - 829-833 Poplar Grove St - Rosemont (West Baltimore) - Fire involved several stores & dwellings. (CHM1)

1979: 5 Alarms - Box#147 - 601 President St - Inner Harbor East (East Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Columbia Moving & Storage Company. (CHM1)

2001: 2 Alarms - Box#46-8 - 2226hrs - 5103 Elmer Ave - Pimlico (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire involved a 2 story brick dwelling - "D" Shift. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



Spring Hill Fire Rescue, FL web page. It has department information including "On Scene" section
concerning recent incidents complete with pictures. Communications Officer Ed Guillen is our "webmaster" and has spent many on and off duty hours developing the page. He developed the page in house at no cost to the District. We are proud of our site, when time allows take a look. Come back often as the "webmaster" is making constant updates.


Thanks for taking the time to read us brag!!


"Tin Helmets Iron Men "
by veteran Fire Photographer Bob Bartosz - civilwarbnp@snip.net

For you old timers, Bob Bartosz was one of the first to come out with a Modern Day hard cover Fire Book back in 1971. It was called " Black & White and Red All Over " and within six months it was sold out and to this day it is in great demand and a great Collector's item. In fact if you can find one be prepared to pay in the mid three figure range to get a copy. Bob's new book "Tin Helmets Iron Men" is printed in a very Limited Edition. It is a hard cover book with 216 pages of some of the greatest fire photos and stories you have every seen. It is based on the Philadelphia Fire Department during the 1950's thru the 1970's in which their members wore the Cairns Aluminum Helmets. All the photos are in black and white and are not the typical fire photos. As you will see when you get your copy. The Introduction of the book is written by former Fire Commissioner and Chief of the Department William C. Richmond. Some of Commissioner Richmond's quotes

"In Tin Helmets Iron Men, Bob Bartosz has graphically captured an era in the Philadelphia Fire Department's History that was both exciting and challenging for fire fighters. It promises to be the same for the readers who follow this story. His outstanding photographs taken with a genuine feel for what the fire fighters life is really like. A marvelous portrayal of the dramatic and often tragic experiences of those men who wore the Tin Helmets. He preserves, for all times, a graphic record of a truly memorable age in firefighting as it was experienced in Philadelphia. It is a photographic time capsule that gives us a fascinating look at the past as shown through the talented lens of a working photographer who captured more than just a picture. He takes the reader right out onto the street and along side those heroic individuals who made up his subject. Bob Bartosz has been taking fire photos for over fifty years and still can be seen on the fire grounds.

Also included in "Tin Helmets Iron Men" are various apparatus photos of some of Philadelphia's greatest pieces of equipment, such as their 125 foot Snorkel, the Fire Bird. Plus the famous Giant Deluge, SS 99 at work. And Marine Units at work. Along with a photo of Engine Co. 6's Ford/Hahn 1954 750 GPM pumper at work. This pumper is now owned by a SPAAMFAA member from Philadelphia and can be seen at various events and parades.

"Tin Helmets Iron Men" also has some very interesting stories, especially the one about the Captain from Engine Co. 24. A mystery that was solved after 29 years. Also a great human interest story about Little Milty of the Second Alarmers. This story will get you. The book is in very Limited Edition and will surely be gone fast. I would suggest you order your copy now or you may miss out on it. And when they are gone--they are gone.

You may contact Bob Bartosz at P.O. Box 226 Wenonah N.J. 08090. The book is selling for $49.95 and $5.00 shipping (N.J. residents add 6% Sales Tax--$2.70). Please make you check or money order payable to Bob Bartosz.


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