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    Cool Heart and lung bill

    I have a question, about the heart and lung bill. Do you have to have a chest x-ray every year for you to qualify. And if any one know where I can find info on the bill, please let me know.



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    Not in Massachusetts you don't. My job doesn't even require yearly physicals. Members hired after a certain date have to sign that they are not smokers. Other than that there in no requirement. I know the Mass Heart and lung bill can be found in the Mass General Laws, but I am not sure where.


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    The "heart/lung" bills that are in place are state laws, so you'd have to get a copy of your state's specific law. In Virginia, there is no requirement to have an annual chest x-ray. My understanding of the Virginia heart/lung bill is that cardiac and/or respiratory conditions are "presumed" to be work related if you're a fire fighter. In actuality, though, the cities fight these cases, drag them out for a long period of time, causing the member to use their own sick leave and health insurance until the determination as to whether it is actually "work-related" is made (this usually invovles an appeal by the fire fighter to the state Workers' Comp Commission.) So much for the "presumption" part of the bill.

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