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    Lightbulb What's in your pockets or on your truckman's belt at a fire?

    I'm just curious to know what everyone else carries in their pockets or on their person into a fire. Please list what rig assignment you have(i.e. truck, engine, or squad), each item you carry and what its uses are. I'm looking to update my inventory of items. I'm sure most of us carry the usual like flashlights and wooden chocks.

    Thanks in advance and God bless
    Nathan DeWitt
    Chicago Fire Department

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    I used to carry a lot of tools with me. Then on a call, I lost them all. Now I carry a leatherman, pair of pliers and my SMO's

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    Well, in my jacket I carry a few chemical handwarmers, since once those leather gloves get wet in the winter it's hell. Also a centerpunch. In my bunkers, I carry a 5-in-1 screwdriver, and a pair of channel-locks. I use these to disconnect car batteries, pop breaker panels, pull electric meters, and thousands of other uses that might come up on a call. It saves time by not having to send a rookie back to the toolbox on the rig, or go yourself. I also carry a locking blade knife, a couple locking carabiners, and a length of webbing and a length of 8mm rope. Oh, and I've recently added a TFT Res-Q wrench; a couple of friends of mine gave them good reviews.

    As for tools off the rig, I try to make sure that between me and my partner, depending on the call, we take in a handlight, set of irons, water can, and radio.
    I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine.

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    well they always kid me cause i like to carry a lot of tools. If I know I'm not "going in" or it's like a car wreck I take my Swiss Army "SwissTool"(it competes against leatherman, It's folding pliers,knifes, screwdrivers,wire cutters about tool you need it's on there I wear that on my pants belt(it has a little pouch you keep that hooks on your belt) Then if I get my usually job( of hooking up tanker with hose from the pumper pumping off the water source)(cause we're a rural F.D.) I usually put my gloves in my "fat boy pockets" on the coat(which are on the right and left sides of your belly If i'm on a job that requires gloves my "fat boy pockets" don't have anything in them. now next item I don't wanna sound like a salesman but The probably "lifesaver" thing I got is 20 ft of 1/4 inch floatable rope with 2 spring clips.(I'm a big guy(6 ft 3 or 4 290-300 lbs)) I know when I got on my airpack if If "go down or get hurt" in a fire it would be hard for them to get their airs around me to pull me out or to safety. So I tell all the guys(about once a year) I keep this rope in my right pants leg if I go down in a fire don't be afraid to use it. Plus this is great you chief says "rig up a ventilation fan and you can't find rope or anything to hold it up." or if you have swiftwater this is good for this cause it floats and plus with a spring clip it's quick hook up. that whole setup I got at Wal-Mart for about 10 bucks.
    now moving on my other leg pocket has a extra hood. the reason why I do this is not only to cover my rear end but other guys on the department . Theres guys on the department when we're in route to the fire and they'll either say OH CRAP I don't have my Hood or Oh crap my hood ripped(which if you got a ripped fire and you go in you might as well walk in to that fire without a hood)so I give them my spare hood.(it takes some of the stress off chief and the dorky firefighter )I also carry if I'm not going into the fire a Foldable spanner wrench. the problem we had when had at one fire (this ticked me off) we called for mutal aid on a barn fire and the department we called doesn't believe in "pre-connecting hoses" which if they don't believe in it. it's okay. But we said we need you to run your pumper as a 2nd attack pump(pumping into the fire) so they take all of our spanner wrenches and I bet theres 5 or 6 of them hooking up hoses with spanner wrenches so we're down at the river with tankers waiting to be filled we hand tightened them the best we could but I bet it was a good 15-20 mins before I got a spanner wrench) so from then on(after I ordered that spanner) I carried a Spanner wrench(plus I engraved my intials and MFD(my department's initals ) in it so it doesn't "accidently walk off when someone borrows it"
    now about the truck I ride on. being a Volunteer dept. It all depends a lot on the fire and when I get there. cause I've ran in all 4 of our trucks.but usually I'm the back of the Pirsh(thats our main pumper)

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    Reading everyones elses i feel that my pockets are empty. In my 1 coat pockets i carry my ff gloves, a flashlight, a screwdriver, and a hood, in the other pocket in my coat is another flashight for the bone heads that never have one, a cpr mask and a wrench.
    On my legs pockets i carry a few pairs of rubber gloves for medical calls and on calls i usally always throw a cell phone in one of my pockets.

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