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    Default The Dodge MAXX Pickup Truck

    This concept pickup truck from Dodge was on display at the Dallas Auto Show. The aerodynamic roofline is quite unique.

    The overall structure is called 'cab-forward' design which Dodge has used for years on automobiles. What this design does for a pickup truck is makes a lot of interior room available.

    Dodge states that three full child safety seats can be placed side-by-side in the rear seat. In fact, the concept vehicle has a 'power' middle child seat that moves to the side for ease of strapping in the little rug rat.
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    Question Interesting

    Interesting concept vehicle. Mr Moore, you have seen this, how much were you able to see? My specific concerns are how close is the engine to the passenger compartment, and is there adequate room for crumple zones for a head on collision? You are much more experienced at these issues than I am, and have actually seen the truck. I like the looks of it, but can envision legs becoming entrapped for front passengers just from a crumple zone perspective. What are your thoughts on this? I like the thought of the power child seat, and increased interior room. It does look like a neat little truck, but would like others to comment on my concerns.
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    Default Safety sells

    Safety sells! I dont't think that any automobile manufacture will put a vehicle on the market which will have bad results in crash-tests.

    As far as I know it did not count how large the crumple zone of a car is, the whole saftey concept counts.
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