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    Question Magnesium auto parts,I need info.

    I'm a 13 year "veteran" firefighter and I've spent the last 12 of those years on a truck company. Due to some managerial incidents I've found myself transfered to an engine company. We've been getting a bunch of car fires in our district of late and many of them are burning that white flame that is associated with your typical magnesium fire. Now I know from my past days that the old Fieros and BMW's had some magnesium in thier cars but is there more out there? I had a Lexus with this flame in the back seat and I believe an Explorer also. Is the car industry using flammable metals more and if so who? I could use some info on this topic. Thanks in advance, Brian, CFD #357.

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    I would think almost all auto makers are using it, I know that G.M. is using it in the seat frames on mini vans and cars.

    Also most plates behind the airbags are made from some sort of flammable metal.

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    We had a Ford Explorer this past summer with a magnesium burn coming from the center of the dash board just above floor level.

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